JFDI…  I came up with this acronym in late 2010 at Ali Brown’s SHINE event in Las Vegas.  While sitting in the audience for 3 days straight,  watching success story after success story share how they manifested financial freedom through their OWN unique business doing what they LOVE, I was so jazzed up and down right determined to step into my own power with money and freedom that I went up to the microphone and said.. “this is what I learned this weekend, JFDI (Just FU$?#NG DO IT).”

And you know what, that’s what I did.  Within 4 months I went and made 54k in 6 weeks and broke into 6 figures a couple of months later.

As an entrepreneur, you have access to an EXPANDABLE and limitless income which is determined by YOU and only YOU. Just make up your mind and DECIDE what you want and then JFDI.

Watch this video to get the FEEL of what I’m talking about.

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