What my SPIRIT could see…18 short months ago, there was no way anyone (even me) would have believed what would happen next.

I was at my personal rock-bottom.  I had a miscarriage, a business that was not bringing in nearly enough money…and all of $200 left in my bank account.

But then I said ENOUGH. I decided it was MY TIME, to finally break through my fears and the “reality” that my eyes could see, and take a stand for what my SPIRIT could see…

A lifestyle where I would have time for my growing family, time to travel to uplifting places and to enjoy the things I love, like the outdoors, fresh, wholesome food and improving my mind and my skills.

And a thriving business where I could share my divine gifts, wisdom, expertise and knowledge in the spirit of service to help other women do the same – rather than work like a slave for WAY less money than I deserved.

I got on TV, spoke on other experts’ stagesSo I decided to set my destiny higher than my fears. Against all “practical” reason – but honoring my higher self – I invested my time, heart, energy — and money I didn’t even have–  into getting the support and skills I needed for my business to succeed.

I’m sure most of my family and friends thought I was crazy. Some even said so to my face.

But from that one act of faith in myself, everything changed seemingly overnight. I doubled my income and am set to double it again this year, replacing my husband’s salary. I got on TV, spoke on other experts’ stages and just spent three months with my family in Hawaii. And I am mom to a beautiful 3-year old AND a newborn baby girl. I’m awed at how FAST miracles happen when you DECIDE.  (Oh, and no one says I’m crazy now.)

If YOU’VE decided that it’s YOUR turn, that it’s YOUR time…then I want to give you MY time.

Only 3 slots remain to talk to me one-on-one this week. This is where we can explore together how YOU can make the transformation I did, starting THIS year.

If it's your turn, apply here

And I KNOW for absolute certain that you can do it too…IF you’ve made the decision that your time is NOW.

That you’ve had ENOUGH of the struggle and are ready to end the money fears and receive the life you desire and deserve, through your own thriving online business.

If it's your turn, apply here

I can’t wait to show you how you can bring in your OWN miracle! This is my new mission on the planet.

Let’s talk. It’s your turn. And your time.


P.S. If not now, WHEN?? The struggle only ends  — and your beautiful life begins – when YOU decide, and not before.

If it's your turn, apply here

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