Move Deeper Into Love

By Amanda Moxley

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling fat or hating your body, you are familiar with these horrible feelings and you know how much energy, joy and time they suck from you.  Many of my clients come to me with these feelings and they want to transform their bodies. I’ve been there too!

The problem is… obsessing over and hating your body, your fat, your weight and your food only attracts negative energy back to you. That is why you need to move deeper into LOVE.  Everything responds more to LOVE than hate.  Why would your body be any different?

Little babies are blissfully IN LOVE with their bodies. They are so at home and at peace in their bodies even if they have lumpy legs and big pot bellies!  They don’t care, they don’t compare or compete;  in fact, judgment, self hate and negativity are nowhere near their vibration.  They are absolutely IN LOVE and connected to Source.  They are LOVE.

Ahh.  What happened to you? You were once a baby completely IN LOVE with your body!

I’m convinced that weight is an energetic thing.

When you move deeper into LOVE, your cells, organs and entire body can relax, let go and receive the goodness. In doing so, it (the weight?) releases.  You become unveiled and more true to your essence.

Find your baby love!  Love your body – and it will love you back.

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