Are you tired of playing by the rules?

Sometimes it seems like everyone out there is telling you to follow this system, choose this niche, and make money in this way in order to be successful.

So you squeeze yourself down into their teeny-tiny boxes…  And then you end up sounding just like everyone else out there and getting lost in the white noise of a crowded market place!

It’s awful, and enough to make you EXPLODE with frustration.  And even worse…  Maybe give up on your big vision.

But you can’t do that!  Your big vision and the movement you are here to lead is IMPORTANT.

So what if I told you there was another way?

You can…

  • Flip Your Switch to Activate Success YOUR Way.
  • Break the rules in business AND reach 6-figures
  • Let your unique personality shine brightly so you stand OUT
  • Have a blast in your marketing so it feels like play

It’s time to cause an UPROAR!

My prayer buddy and master mind BFF Christina Morassi,has invited me to be a part of a unique project that will not be like your average interview series at all.

No, instead I am inviting you to an ONLINE ACTIVATION.

You’ll soon discover these VIDEO interviews will both deeply move you AND jumpstart you into higher levels of action within your business!

This is ALL about doing things differently in your business, and it all starts here.

UPROAR – The Marketing Revolution to Rock Your Purpose, Make Money, & Change the World.

12 Speakers Living on Purpose to Reach Success with Heart ~ June 4 – 15th

Christina is literally creating an UPROAR that you simply must be part of if you are serious about ramping up your business on YOUR terms.

You will leave this experienced CHANGED! And you can expect your molecules to be rearranged and vibrating at a higher wealth frequency too.

Reserve Your Place Right Here

And knowing Christina, I can promise you FIREWORKS on these interviews when she entices each of the 12 “wild and wealthy” women on these calls to reveal…

  • How they have consistently BROKEN the rules of business to unleash their brilliance (and how YOU can and should too!)
  • Specific tips and strategies YOU can put to use immediately to model successful WOMEN, and is different from the conventional wisdom out there…
  • How their relationship to money has evolved and given them ultimate freedom, creating BIG money without guilt, fear, or anxiety…
  • The incredible, often untold “before and after” stories of each of these wildly successful women entrepreneurs and leaders…
  • Why “giving back” is paramount to your success and essential to your ability to create transformational change in the world…

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from 12 inspiring “wild and wealthy” women. Discover how they overcame their mistakes, and what fueled their success, so YOU can apply their wisdom to YOUR business.

They have all done business differently on their own terms…  Come learn from them so you can do it too.

I’m so excited to be part of this because it’s going to change lives, businesses, and earning potential.  So please do yourself a BIG favor, and be there too.  The people who are meant to join YOUR movement are counting on it.

Come join the UPROAR!

Abundantly yours,


PS.  You don’t ever have to worry about competition AGAIN. Once you break the rules and put your FULLEST expression in your business…  You will stand out in the marketplace and your tribe will come flocking to you! They are waiting for you to lead them in your movement….  Don’t disappoint.  So stop playing small, and learn to HOWL to find your pack. As they say, well-behaved women rarely make history.  🙂

Take Your Place in the UPROAR!

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