The energy on the planet is crazy chaotic right now, no doubt you aren’t feeling it in some capacity.

You are not alone. I’ve spoken with dozens of colleagues, friends, family and clients and the theme is we are all going through some sort of fear/anxiety storm at present.

I want you to know that you are a LIGHT WORKER and you do not need to spend your precious energy, vitality and mental thought worrying or being anxious. You can turn this FEAR (false evidence appearing real) into LOVE, GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION, HARMONY, GRACE and KINDNESS.

Take 3 deep breaths right now and relax into the arms of divine love and support.

Trust your deepest inner knowing and focus on the light. It’s a choice.

It’s time to surrender to your Highest Self and know that you are always safe, loved and supported.

I love you and believe in you.

In the LIGHT,


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