The time has come to choose.

You can join my “End Your Money Drama” program by midnight EST for only $497 (that’s $16 per day! ) or you can wait and pay $897. (Or, you can skip it and settle for where you are.)

I choose ME – Let me In!

The choice is yours:  whether you want 2013 to be just the same as all your other years….where your income is erratic and unreliable…where you exhaust yourself working like a slave and hoping to just get the bills paid…

OR a life where abundance is your natural state, money just isn’t an issue anymore and you can easily afford the things you want and deserve!

I choose ME – Let me In!

Get my guidance, coaching and healing for 5 weeks, plus the support and accountability of a group of fellow travelers on the road with you to a new empowering money story and a richer, joyful 2013!

And get it all at only $16 per day (I can’t do better than that!) but only for the next couple of hours!

Radiantly Yours,


P.S. The program is totally worth it at the full $897 investment, and some people will pay that and be thrilled. But you won’t have to – if you act NOW!

I choose ME – Let me In!

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