Did you miss last night’s Move Beyond Your Body Barrier™ preview call?

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We covered:

  • Why it’s really not all about you
  • The ways we use our bodies as a big, fat excuse to sabotage our dreams
  • What’s your biggest FEAR?
  • How to stop self sabotaging yourself with food and thoughts
  • How YOU can break through your Body Barrier starting THIS year and finally step up to your true purpose

But listen fast, because you definitely don’t want to miss out on this incredibly valuable bonus I revealed on the call:

BonusRegister for the Body Barrier 5 month private, customized 1:1 coaching program by October 29th and receive a FULL DAY VIP LIVE intensive day with me. (A $3,000 Value)

Go HERE now to claim yours!  amandamoxley.com/bodybarrier
Now, I know I said last night, that it’s NOT all about you.

But this program IS all about you.

About all that you’re NOT doing and going for because you’re ashamed of your body.

About going to the source of what’s been keeping you overweight, overtired or overwhelmed. And beating it, once and for all. Because until you do, you simply can’t offer the world your best self.

This HUGE bonus gives you an additional LIVE in-person full day with me – working on your inner conversation, your money story, breathing and movement – a total immersion experience that will truly be life-changing for you.

How often do you get a full day focused totally on YOU?

But I can only offer it until October 29.

So if you were on the fence about whether this is the time for you to break through your Body Barrier, make it NOW!


And not only that — the early bird pricing on the 5 month customized Body Barrier program – the most personalized, individual service I offer — goes up by 40% on November 1st, 2011. If you want to save BIG and conquer your Body Barrier once and for all then grab this bonus by enrolling today.

In case you didn’t notice, Move Beyond Your body Barrier is NOT just a weight-loss program.

It’s about breathing to nourish every cell of your body. Short-circuiting the cycle of self-sabotage around food. Opening up to the abundance, health and radiance of the universe, so your heart is so full, you’ll never again feel the need to stuff your mouth to feed your cravings.

Want to know what I mean? Here’s my latest video!

Get a FREE VIP Day to Move Beyond Your Body Barrier
Get a FREE VIP Day to Move Beyond Your Body Barrier

What would that kind of freedom be worth to you? (Not to mention a smokin’ hot body that you could maintain with less effort than you’re expending now just to avoid eating that piece of chocolate?)
phone and logoWondering if it can really work for you? Have questions? Let’s talk! Book a free Body Barrier Exploratory session with me by clicking here.

This is YOUR time.

If not now, WHEN??

Radiantly Yours,


P.S. Imagine moving past your unique Body Barrier to enjoy the success, money, love and vibrant health you’ve only dreamed of (and, yes… lose the weight too! What a deal!) All of this can be yours sooner than you think!


P.P.S. Join me now and have a bulletproof plan in place to get you through the holidays and beyond! Imagine, you can start 2012 already on your way to the best you ever!!

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