Last night I hosted an absolutely mind-blowing free call where I shared exactly how I went from struggling to 6-figures in my health coaching business in just months, and how you can do it too!

People have been telling me non-stop how inspiring it was…so if you missed it (or were there and want to listen again!) I’ve made the recording available here.

Now, maybe you’re  thinking:

…you’re not a big enough expert to make six figures…

…or that clients won’t pay that much for your coaching…

…or that the health and wellness coaching field (or whatever your niche is) is already too crowded and you’re too late….

(these are common misconceptions I hear all the time )

OR you could be thinking: “Well, sure, Amanda can do it, but I never could”

...I’m here to tell you that’s just NOT TRUE!

If I could have just one wish for the new year, it would be that my peeps would take a deep breath from their bellies and believe that all this and more is possible for them, just like it was for me. In my experience, that belief is the all-important first step that will take you halfway there!

Here’s the truth: To go the rest of the way to 6 figures, you absolutely need expert guidance and support. I’ll admit it — I struggled like crazy and made myself miserable and broke until I finally accepted this, gave up on doing it on my own and got help by hiring my own coach.

If only I would have realized sooner, I could have saved myself months and years of debilitating fear and worry, found success so much sooner and helped more people too.

(You can climb to your highest potential with the help of a coach!)

That’s just what I want to do for you! 6 Figures in 6 Months - The Healthy Way

Would you like a shortcut to the kind of success I’m enjoying, and skip the struggle?

Would you like to be invited to speak, be seen as the expert you are and have clients flying in from all over the world to meet with you for VIP days?

(Here I am hosting a VIP retreat with clients from all over the US.)

Would you like to feel totally supported along the way by someone who’s been there, and know you’re doing the right things at the right time to begin to manifest your 6-figure business not “someday” but in just 6 months?

Then you’re ready for my brand new

“6 Figures in 6 Months the Healthy Way” program.

Go here to apply:

Note: this program is NOT for everyone. I’m looking to work only with a few women who are willing to think big about themselves, are “in it to win it” and are serious about being a 6-figure coach or practitioner in the very near future. That’s why there’s an application so we can see if it’s a good fit on both sides.

(Are you ready to take your passion to 6 figures in 6 months?)

But if this sounds like you, do it NOWbecause if you apply and are accepted by December 13th, I will gift you an additional ½ Day Private VIP Intensive!

Imagine — an additional day in person with me to map out your strategy, skyrocket your wealth consciousness and actually see your 6-figure business begin to take shape. Clients pay me $3000 for this, but you’ll get it free.

So go here right now to download the application and get started!!

” Amanda, this sounds great, but I’m not a health coach. Will your program work for me?”

Amanda Heart Alta (Get ready to build the business of your choice that aligns with your own purpose and passions.)

Absolutely! The principles and strategies I will show you here apply to any heart-centered entrepreneur. You’ll easily see how to take my knowledge and experience to build the business of your choice that aligns with your own purpose and passions. Mine happens to be health and wellness – and I can’t wait to hear about yours!

Want to ask me some questions before applying? Email me right now at:

With Love,


P.S. Really, if this calls to you even a little, definitely take action NOW and apply before December 13 so you can be sure to get your bonus VIP 1/2 day. The universe loves SPEED!

No Cost Training Series

P.S. Of course, you can try to do it the hard way, alone…but wouldn’t you rather get there faster, and with grace and ease rather than struggle and time-and-money wasting detours? It really is your choice!!

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