By Amanda Moxley

Do you push, drive and hammer yourself too hard in weight loss, your career, your home and in your relationships?

If yes, it’s time to surrender, let go and get out of your OWN WAY so that your Angels, Guides, God and the whole crew can help you!

It’s time to learn about life and body balance, trust, wisdom, faith and allowing. These are all feminine (yin) qualities that must be embraced in order to have a radiantly healthy and beautiful body and life. You can do it, however it’s going to take some patience and practice if you are used to stressing, pushing and hammering yourself.

Life is meant to be enjoyable, fun, amazing and delicious!

What if you could let it be easy?

How would each moment change for you if you let it be easy?

Start today. Stop beating your body up for being “too this or too that.” Relax and love your body today. If your vision is to release weight and feel hot and healthy, keep that VISION always on your mind, like an arrow to the bullseye.

Next, relax into your body and life and know that it will undoubtedly manifest if you are doing your work (staying positive, eating well, exercising, breathing, being accountable to a coach or mentor and loving your body)!

Stop obsessing, worrying and controlling today and surrender it all to the Universe. Just like when you drop a letter in the mail box, you aren’t obsessing, worrying and freaking out in fear and anxiety that your letter won’t make it to your best friend. Instead, you TRUST the process, you let it go and MOVE ON confidently in the direction of your dreams.

It works! Let go and let Goddess!




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