Happy Friday to YOU!

What an incredible day after the best teleclass of my entire professional career! Were you there? It’s not too late to get the recording. Here’s the link.

WOW – with over 150 people registered for last nights  call, my heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation. Thank you! If you were on the call you know I covered a ton of amazing body and life changing content to get you jump started to having it all.

AND I released details about my all new 8-month exclusive Radiant Body Soaring Spirit coaching program.

8 Incredible Months to Transform Your Body, Expand Your Creativity and Step Into Your Power as a Woman to Manifest All You Desire!

I’m so excited I can’t sleep!

Imagine having the radiantly healthy, energized body of your dreams that plays to your strengths AND being wildly abundantly successful in your career and creativity!

This program is for you if you Want It ALL-the Radiant Body, Total Success, Peace and Prosperity!

This is an intimate exclusive group program which includes two live retreats, one in the mountains near Salt Lake City and the second in Kauai, Hawaii, plus monthly topic  and coaching calls on cleansing your body, creating space for the new, Vision work, breath work, embracing the feminine, conquering your fears, and much, much more taking you through all 8 steps of my Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program.

I need to let you know, that I am only accepting 8 women into the Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program and that’s for a reason. I am committed to creating a powerful “tribe” of women who are ready to play big on all levels, women who want it all- the hot and healthy body and to be radiantly successful in their business and creativity so that they can go out and share their brilliance with the world.

You can learn all about the Radiant Body Soaring Spirit Program here


It is vital to you and the other women in the group that you are a good fit for the program so it’s by application only so that I can hear your sincere desire and interest for wanting to be in this exclusive program which will catapult you to the body and life of your dreams (yes, dreams DO come true!) I promise you’ll benefit by applying since the questions will make you dig deep and think about where you desire to go, the application process will give you a boost of energy and will ignite a fire within while calling you to step up in a way you may have never done before.

If you want this, act now!


I’m so excited to work with you! Bless you and have a radiant weekend!

Radiantly yours,

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