When someone I love transitions to the non-physical it WAKES ME UP to LIVE MY LIFE passionately, courageously and full heartedly.

How about you? Where are you holding BACK in your life, with your VISION, with your HEART?

I’m going to get real with you here, you’ve got one life to live sister and if you’re not living it passionately, it’s time to START!

Your Coaching Assignment:

Grab your journal and answer these coaching questions.

Imagine if you were told today that you had one year left to live on this earth in your physical body.

1. What would change for you?

2. What would YOU STOP doing right away?

3. What would you start doing right away? Ideas: juicing, eating greens every day, drinking water, enjoying nature more, being more present with everyone in your life, making love to your soul mate more regularly, being more compassionate with yourself, being easier on yourself. Being more joyful and fun like a child again.

4. Would you quit your job? Would you start your own business?

5. How would you want to serve?

6. Who do you need to forgive? Make a list of all the people (both friends and family) who you would want to reconnect with and heal your relationship with.

7. What adventures would you say yes to?

8. What would you say “NO” to? This is a juicy question, what in your life right now are you saying “YES” to when intuitively you know you really do not want to do?

9. What personal boundaries would you lie down?

10. What area of your life would you want to most heal (become whole in) before you took your last breath? Examples: Your relationship with God. Healing your sexuality? Honoring your femininity? Restoring wellness and well being of your body temple? Healing your inner child? Transforming your money story from lack to the truth of abundance and love.

11. Describe your perfect average day in complete FULL color detail using all of your senses. Write it all out.

12. What legacy would YOU like to live?

13. This is a BIG ask.. but a juicy one.. write your obituary copy.

On a side note, not only did my childhood friend transition last week so did my BFF from High School’s grandfather Papa Jack Gallivan. The man was an ICON. He left a powerful and rich legacy in his wake.

After reading his obituary, I was awe struck how he truly escaped mediocrity to live a life of magnificent contribution and service.

What about you? What are they going to read about YOU?

Please do take some time to answer these questions for yourself today or over the weekend. These questions have the power to literally transform your life if you’ll let them!

I see you thriving and stepping into your greatest potential- the reason you were born.




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