I’m so happy right now. My family and I are in a massive and EPIC Awakening…

I love Waldorf education and the emphasis on creating daily rhythms for kids and family.

We created “healthy habits” charts for us and the kids (because what you track expands and gets better).

I’m waking up at 6 am naturally every day for a power hour journal clarity/ create my life into existence session before I get kids up and out!

And Johnn is in an EPIC awakening. He quit drinking alcohol!!! He has lost over 10 pounds. He quit his JOB!!! We’re going to bed at the same time, snuggling, talking, touching, connecting in a whole new way. He is engaged and excited to learn and evolve and heal and grow and transform. We’re both showing up as present, awake parents and prioritizing family meals.

And my relationship with Sawyer and Phoebe is so rich and fulfilling.

Sawyer (age 8) oozes my heart all over with over flowing love and goodness. I always knew I would have a son since I was a child. He is my soul son. And I know we have been together as mother and child for many many lifetimes. I dreamt of him before he came and the love I felt for him in my heart.

And the more I learn about Astrology and all of our charts, I see how similar Sawyer and I are in so many ways.

And I love Phoebe and her triple fire spirit and how much she is like my mom. She knows exactly what she wants. She’s confident. Decisive. Powerful. A leader and very loving, helpful and caring.

We’ve found an amazing church (been going since March). It’s healing my relationship with God and Jesus and actually creating a relationship with GOD and Jesus for the first time in my life. I am crying over that right now.

We have so many tools we’re using to deliberately create our lives and live in JOY.

My body has been releasing weight all year with my new running program and Keto drinks. I feel thin in my belly and legs again after not feeling that way for a few years. So grateful.

I’m so blessed to live in our beautiful home. It is my sanctuary and my soul’s refuge. Our home is an answered prayer and I am beyond blessed to call this my home and biz HQ.

I’m so grateful for my business and the creative freedom, time-freedom and self-expression it allows me to have. I am so grateful that I get to do so much personal development, heal myself and my family and then share it to help heal and transform others.

I feel like my heart is opening in such a bigger way that I am ready to take my work to a whole new level of transformation and results for my tribe. So much clarity coming through on my true genius and gifts and how I’m here to serve and make a bigger impact.

Life is so rich and divine.

What are you grateful for?

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