I remember standing on top of a Corbett’s Couloir skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in college contemplating jumping into the steep and narrow classic ski run. I was scared. My legs were shaking. An Aussie skier looked at me and yelled “Don’t let FEAR get in the way of your DREAMS Mate.”

These words have lived in and with me in everything I do.

What about you? The past few weeks we have talked about creating your Soul Money Goal, followed by your 2013 ACTION plan to receive your Soul Money Goal and finally how to Make Money Love YOU. (If you missed these exercises you can find them on my blog.)

If you did these exercises right you ought to be feeling SOME fear come up about how you really can transform from where and who you are right now into WHERE you want to go and be. I know it’s scared the heck out of me!

Fear can actually be a great tool and motivator but the problem is most of the time it lurks around in your unconscious mind and wakes you up in your dreams. That’s why you have to look at the FEAR straight in the eye. You have to breathe with it and feel it and admit that YES actually you are afraid. And then you come on the other side and back into possibility, expansion and love.

Your Coaching Assignment: Grab your journal and answer these questions.

1. How are you letting FEAR stand in the way of your dreams today? Write it all out.

2. What are you afraid of? Get it all out.  Breathe with it, be with it.

3. Where are you holding yourself back?

4. Where are you retreating to your comfort zone?

5. How is your body responding to the fear? Where are you feeling out of alignment in your body?

6. After you have sat with and breathed with your fear. Create an affirmation statement that sums it up.. example “I want it all and I am afraid because I don’t know HOW to have it all.”

Looking at it, being with it and then turning it around in an affirmation will support you in expanding into your desires and you will open up to being supported by your VISION and your why rather than your fears (false evidence appearing real.)

Don’t be afraid to look at it. Through looking at it you will relax, trust and allow yourself to have what it is you desire. You will be more open and available to divine inspiration.

You can do this!

Abundantly Yours,



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