By Amanda Moxley

Last week, during a coaching session with one of my VIP clients, she asked me how I shifted from using food to numb myself to actually using it as nourishment. I imagine that many of you may struggle as I did with using food to numb and check out of life, so I’ve dedicated this blog article to you.

Here are 3 red flags that show you use food to check out of life (you can add to this list if you’d like;  it’s always good to know your red flags to help you stop habitual behavior):

1) You feel stuck at work (uncreative, scared, unhappy, bored, insecure or longing to be doing what you really want to do), you know who has the “goods” stashed in their cube, and you can’t stop thinking about taking a break to go get some.  You go get the treats and eat way more than you intended to eat.  You feel sick, tired, spaced out and beat yourself black and blue afterwards.  Then a few hours go by and you find yourself back in the same cycle.

2) You come home to an empty house, you crack open a bottle of red wine, cut into a chunk of cheese, delve into a box of crackers and sit in front of the TV mindlessly eating. (Back in my Social Work days, the first thing I did when I came home from work was head straight to the pantry for some chocolate and – ahhh, at last I was relieved.)

3) While driving, the little voice in your head suggests that you do a drive by the local bakery to buy some delicious desserts for your cousin. You end up inhaling a pain au chocolate and a brownie. You feel sick, mad and disgusted with yourself.  You swear and promise yourself you’ll never do it again and then the next day you’re back at the bakery and the cycle continues.  (I remember – I’ve been there!)

I know that I’ve painted a really depressing picture. I’m sorry, but is this you?

If yes, here’s the deal:  you have to begin right in this moment to change your internal life. You have to start living the LIFE you were meant to live. This takes courage, determination, strength, TRUST, focus and intention.  Changing your food is only a Band-Aid (albeit a good Band-Aid 🙂 for this problem; however, you have to get to the root of the cycle.

Remember this is a JOURNEY and right now may be the first step.

Start here:

1) What’s one change you could make to your food and lifestyle that would give you more peace?

2) If you had all of the money in the world what would you be? How would you spend your time? Really think about this;  within this question lies your life’s purpose.  If you knew that you were always provided for and knew that you could truly be, do or have anything you wanted in life, what would that be?  Please think and dream BIG!  The Universe has NO limits.  The Universe is expansive, limitless, formless, abundant, loving, kind and generous (as are YOU – your HIGHEST YOU, that is!).

3) Now that you have this VISION and answer, what is the next best step you can make TODAY towards this Vision? By saying yes to your Vision, you will feel more energized, alive, creative and free which will automatically change your cravings, emotions and choices in food.  (I promise!)

4) Diligently focus on making the internal shifts and external leaps your intuition and Higher SELF are guiding you to make.  Breathe and trust in the infinite power of your inner guidance.

5) Get support!  Hire a mentor or coach who is 10 steps ahead of you, who believes in you even when you feel scared. Or join a support circle of inspiring and empowering women who can uplift and energize you on your path to body and soul mastery.

6) Please know that you are NOT alone. You are not the only woman or man on the planet who feels trapped by food and stuck in life.  I hope that by now you are seeing the direct correlation between the way you eat and your life.  Think back to a time in your life when everything was amazing like when you first fell in love or when you were a child playing all day long.  Food was the last thing on your mind! You were being fed by SOUL food or spiritual-happy food. The answers are not in the FOOD, they are in your LIFE and within your SOUL.

7) Once you balance your life and discover the most amazing diet that makes you squeal with delight, you will be free!

8) Don’t delay! Begin at once.  It’s SHOW TIME people! Don’t waste another minute of your precious human life playing small and being scared.  Take a deep breath and get into ACTION at once. Follow your bliss, creativity, your dreams and passions.  Say yes to the LIGHT and to LOVE.

I am rooting for you all of the way!

If you liked this article, I know you WILL love working with me in one of my amazing programs. Contact me here to set up a time to get to know one another and then I can see how I can best support you!

Love and gratitude,



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