Are you ready to learn how to move beyond your Body Barrier™ by loving What Is? I know that I am going against Hollywood and the media by actually suggesting that you love What Is.  Yes, that’s right – loving your body even if it’s 40 pounds overweight, or loving your bank account no matter what the balance is.

You ask – “How can I possibly love my cellulite, my muffin top, AND my piddly bank account?”

What if I could show you how loving ‘What Is’ translates into weight effortlessly releasing from your body so that you can have the confidence to follow your dreams and live your life full out while making the money you deserve and desire?

Then you’re invited to my complimentary Body Barrier™ call series this Thursday night.

In a hurry? Register here.
In this groundbreaking call, I’ll share:

  • The 3 mistakes to avoid on the path to your ultimate body
  • How your Body Barrier™ is keeping you overweight, frustrated and stuck in a body that does NOT match your Spirit.
  • 3 behaviors you can begin right now to move beyond YOUR Body Barrier™ to release the weight and bring in more money

Plus I will discuss my

exclusive new Move Beyond your Body Barrier™ and Start Making the Money You Deserve and Desire program!

Register here for the live call on Thursday at 6 MST (8 EST) or get the mp3.
Amanda pink topSee you on the call!

In Love and Radiance,


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