By Amanda Moxley

Lately, I’ve been working on my beliefs about money and prosperity. With all of the talk about lack, lack, lack and scarcity circling around the globe these days I feel like I’m riding in the single bike lane with my eyes deeply focused on my destination meanwhile just two feet to my left side is the mass chaos of the highway traffic. Sometimes when I hear a friend affirm a scarcity belief, I get scared that I’m going to get hit by the traffic but 95% of the time I keep my eyes on the prize.

I’d like to share some prosperity talk with you to inspire you and lift you up!

We live in an infinite abundant universe which knows no lack or limits. Look outside of your window right now. What do you see? I see an enormous maple tree with millions of leaves dancing in the wind. Do you think that tree was freaking out this fall when she lost her leaves? Do you think she was worried, anxious and up in the night all winter living in fear that she wouldn’t get her leaves this spring? No way! Instead she silently surrendered to Mother Nature, retreated and allowed life to pulse through her while she rested and meditated knowing in every fiber of her being that yes she would prosper and become her infinite divine potential.

I don’t see any difference between you and the tree. Nature is infinitely abundant, trusting, allowing, powerful and alive. Nature is a mirror of you.

You can tap into your inherent abundance by spending quiet time in nature and by watching your thoughts.

Write down every positive or negative thought you have about money. How was money treated in your family? What were your parent’s money beliefs? Do you see money as a source of good in the world? Do you resent people with money? Do you respect money or do you spend it unconsciously? Do you treat money like your best friend? What are the thoughts you habitually think about money? Perhaps you believe that “money is the root of all evil” or that “there’s not enough” or that “I can’t afford it.”

It’s very important to become aware of your thoughts because your habitual thoughts create your beliefs and your beliefs powerfully create your reality. You may not even be aware of your thoughts because they are deeply programmed into your subconscious.

After you have identified your limiting thoughts and beliefs it’s time to replace them with new positive, prosperity thinking and feeling exercises.

See yourself as a magnet with the ability to attract anything and everything you think and feel to you.

Here are some prosperity affirmations I use.

(I use this when someone shares their fear with me) That may be true for them but it’s not true for me. I prosper every way I turn no matter where I am or what’s going on.

I take loving care of my money: it loves me and trusts me and likes to hang around.

Money easily flows to me and through me

I feel safe and secure in my ability to attract, manifest and handle money. I trust myself 100%

Money is an energy that flows into my life and blesses it and those it touches

Now write yours and remember to use your imagination.

If you lost money in the stock market instead of focusing on how much you lost, imagine that you were given the same amount that you lost. How does that feel in your body? What would you do with the extra money? It feels expansive, exciting and free, right?

Visualize yourself living in abundance and in the flow of life. Relax, breathe and visualize living a beautifully abundant life. What does it look like? What does it feel like in your body? They say, “If you can spot it, you got it.”

Be Grateful!

Have a daily gratitude ritual. Bless and give thanks for every single thing you have and for everyone in your life.

Write down 5 things you are grateful for every day!

Be bold!

Turn your TV off! Don’t watch CNN (constantly negative news) or any news which breeds fear, anxiety and panic. You don’t need it. Breathe and spend time in nature or with children instead. Don’t talk to anyone about “how bad things are” because every thought you give to what you do not want brings more of what you do not want, remember that you are powerful magnet.

Trust Life!

Who you are at your essence (your soul) is infinite, never ending, formless, limitless, creative, oneness, expansive, love, purity and goodness. It’s our mind (your ego) that which keeps you separate, alone, scared, fearful, in pain, timid, shy, anxious which creates the limiting fear based thoughts through out your life time.

When you were a tiny baby you knew no separation you were one with the Universe. What happened to you since your birthday? Believe in your dreams, goals and most importantly follow your bliss and you will prosper always and forever.

Anything is possible for you.

It’s only your limiting beliefs that hold you back. I know this as truth.


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