This past week, my body was feeling as if it was holding on to weight around my thighs and hips. Like any woman, I really do not appreciate this feeling!  But the good news is that I have the skills to literally transform my body back into it’s desired shape within 48 hours.  I’d love to share these tips with you so that you can feel 5-10 pounds lighter by Saturday if you so choose.

Step 1: Diagnose the situation. As soon as you are aware that you are feeling heavier or that you’ve “put on weight”, stop and breathe and ask yourself “what is this weight?” and “how did this happen?”  Notice if you have been under unusual stress, or you have abandoned your exercise routine etc.

Step 2: Stop obsessing and make a plan. Resist the temptation to beat yourself up and make yourself wrong. Instead, focus on how great you do want to feel and put together your action plan.  Please be warned, it is crucial to get out of the obsession/ I’m bad/ wrong/ fat etc stage immediately because what you focus on expands.  It’s a vicious cycle and the worse you feel the more crap you may be inclined to indulge in and then you may feel worse.

Step 3: Move deeper into love. This is the hard part because our knee jerk reaction is to be mad at ourselves, and to think mean thoughts about our bodies.  We don’t want to love our cheesy thighs and bellies, but seriously this is the magic wand that makes everything better.  You see, love is the highest vibration we can be in.  Our bodies thrive on love — just look at a new born baby!

How do I move deeper into love, you ask? Breathe, relax and nourish yourself with a hot bath, a nap or a massage.  Then put your hands on your disowned body part and breathe light into it.  Be grateful for it and ask it why it’s holding on to weight.  Next visualize your best body and ask your body what foods it wants to eat and better yet what foods it wants to avoid and finally ask it how it wants to move.

Step 4: Commit to joyful movement. Schedule your joyful movement time in your day planner right now and get moving soon.  In my example, I knew my legs and hips were craving exercise so I hiked up Mt. Olympus this morning!

Step 5: Let go of dairy, sugar, alcohol, wheat and processed foods for a day and notice how much clearer and confident you feel in your body.  Let this be simple and easy, make it your intention to easily and joyfully release these foods for today and with every meal remind yourself of your intention to set yourself up for success.

Step 6: Celebrate!

I hope you enjoyed these tips! I know that they work for me every time.

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