Welcome to part three in this ezine article series on how to 1) identify your SOUL money goal, 2) create your 2013 Action Plan for claiming your SOUL Money Goal, 3 ) How to BE the savvy feminine entrepreneur who RECEIVES your SOUL Money Goal (SMG™.)

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Wealth consciousness refers to the way you think, feel, believe and act around money. In order to be a savvy feminine entrepreneur who boldly claims her SOUL money goal (SMG™) you MUST transform your wealth consciousness (WC ™). If you fail to do this, you run the risk of repeating and reliving your preprogrammed money story which sets you up to NEVER claim your SMG ™! As you can see the steaks are HIGH!

When I first started out as a holistic health coach, I had no idea what wealth consciousness (WC ™) was. I had tons of inherited limiting beliefs (LB’s ™) about money such as; money is bad and unspiritual, I should give my services away for free or trade, it’s wrong to charge a lot of money for my work, money is limited, there is not enough money, I don’t deserve it, I don’t need it and the list goes on!

As you can tell these inherited LB’s ™ act like a BIG fat wall blocking you from your SMG™! You must do the necessary weeding of your thought garden in order to uproot these pesky outdated beliefs.

In order to be the savvy feminine entrepreneur who RECEIVES your SOUL Money Goal (SMG™) you MUST follow these steps.

Step 1. Shed ALL of your LB’s ™ about money and wealth. I encourage my clients in both my End Yo’ Money Drama course and my Private Mentor clients to make a list of 100 beliefs they have about money in order to transform their wealth consciousness (WC ™).

This exercise is going to STRETCH you and make you uncomfortable and that’s what we want so that we can create LIFE lasting change. Please WRITE DOWN 100 or more of your LB’S. Remember what you put in, you will get back triple fold! Please refrain from slacking, complaining and whining about this exercise. Trust that if you do this work it will open the banks of heaven!

Step 2: Replace these LB’S with your new empowered beliefs about money.

Now that you’ve dumped out all of the beliefs which are limiting you and keeping you stuck, it’s time to declare your NEW empowered and limitless thoughts about money being a renewable resource!

A few common examples:

  • I feel good about money
  • Money is always there for me
  • I always have more than enough money
  • All of my needs and desires are abundantly met
  • Everyone I know is oozing with money
    • There is a plenitude of money around me all of the time
  • Money easily flows through me and to me
  • My income is constantly increasing
  • I am always connected with God who is my abundant source for all financial things
  • I am abundantly provided for in all ways
  • Money comes easily and frequently

Now, to deeply root in your abundance thoughts, write down 25 of your specific empowering unlimited money beliefs.

Step 3:  Commit to consistently reprogramming your subconscious mind on a daily basis. Schedule at least 30 minutes to work on your WC™ daily for the next 365 days.  This is the SECRET sauce to shifting out of the old beliefs of fear, lack, separation, doubt and limitation around money.

This is exactly what I did to bust my income from 50k to 6 figures in 9 months as a health coach and to double that the next year as a biz and money coach.

As I continue to expand and stretch myself, I consistently work on my WC™ so that I can expand into my next level. Now it’s your turn. Saturate your cells with these new empowered thoughts and beliefs and allow yourself to RECEIVE your desires.

Step 4: Allow yourself to be VULNERABLE and LOVED enough by the Divine and yourself to RECEIVE your Soul Money Goal (SMG™). Pray to get out of your own way and to be the channel of your message. Be vulnerable by being real (YOURSELF) and putting yourself OUT THERE consistently and in a BIG way. Let yourself be SEEN because MONEY must SEE you.

Step 5: ACT. Take big LEAPS even when it doesn’t make logical sense and you are afraid.  You really can not stretch into a new income level by being and acting the same as you are today.

You have to stretch yourself and be willing to get uncomfortable enough to GROW yourself to that NEW INCOME level.  It takes consistent, persistent action no matter what. There is no such thing as get rich quick easy money. You will LOVE the woman you become in the process.

Step 6: You have to WANT this in your hips not just in your head. You gotta get HOT for your money lover! You gotta really really desire your SOUL Money Goal (SMG™)  like you would want your lovah!

Let me know how you are digging these tips! I promise you, if you follow this formula you will RECEIVE your SOUL money goal (SMG™) like I have and so many of my clients have!

Now it’s your turn!


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