By Amanda Moxley

Three eclipses in five weeks.  How may this be affecting your life?  A month ago, I called my Psychic Intuitive friend Trish Withus ( because I was feeling a bit off.  She clued me into whats happening astrologically and how to stay in the light during this time on earth.

When an eclipse occurs, it manifests a shadow on the earth.   The first eclipse occurred June 1, the second full lunar eclipse was last night June 15, and the third eclipse is July 1, 2011.  You may feel your shadow coming up in the form of drama, anxiety, fear, tension, worry, doubt, lack, craziness, etc.  Whatever your shadow is, it is likely showing up in some form or another in your life this summer.

If you’ve been freaking out wondering what’s wrong with you, don’t worry!  You are not alone!

When you’re on the path to radiant health and living, you want to feel awesome all of the time.  You want to feel and stay in balance with the tides of life.  Getting caught up in drama and your shadow stuff can take you off your path and headed in the wrong direction and leave you feeling sad and stuck.

So, what is your shadow?

For me, my shadow manifests itself as occasional feelings of doubt, fear and not trusting the process of life.  Where do you go when the going gets tough?

To stay focused on your heart’s desires, health and happiness, you have to be able to identify your shadow for it to diminish.  Remember when you were a kid and were scared of the monster in the closet?  And then your mom turned on the light to reveal that there was nothing to be afraid of.  To eliminate your shadow, you need to shed light on it and face it head on.

When your shadow shows up in your life, courageously look it in the eyes.  See it, feel it, talk to it and breathe with it.  What is the worst thing that could happen?  Rise above your fears and limitations!

Be strong and bold and stand in your power and truth.  Love, listen and accept your shadow for being an integral piece of you.  However, tell it that you are focused on the light and that the fears and limitations it imposes on you are not what you want.  Tell it what it is you really want in your life.

Get outside in nature and connect to the expanding Universe.  Take time now to think about what you really want out of your life.  Feel it, see it and let it happen.

© 2011 Amanda Moxley


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