By Amanda Moxley

Cosmic BirthCan you feel the paradigm shift happening all around you? The old ways are falling away and new ways of being and believing are being birthed into your consciousness with every inhale and exhale.

Life is for YOU!


Perhaps you grew up with the idea that you have to work hard and long and have to sacrifice in order to be successful and to have money. Well that’s just not true any more.

Let’s bless our grandparents and parents for the work they did in bringing consciousness to where we are today.  Please know that in each generation was a divine spark of a desire for a better and more joyful way of living and being. We are reaping the blessings of these planted desires from our ancestors today.

There are more enlightened people ALIVE on the planet today than any other time in history!

Celebrate that!

Life is meant to be JOYful and fun and easy. Look at the playfulness of a child to attest to that!

Your intuition is your best friend. It’s important for you to tune in and trust yourself. Stop pushing yourself so hard and beating yourself up about the little things!  Instead be loving, gentle, kind and compassionate with yourself.

When you listen to your intuition, you honor your spirit and soul. It’s absolutely crucial that you FEEL GOOD! When you feel good, you attract more good things to you.

As my income has increased, I’ve taken on the belief that the better self care I allow myself to receive, the more money I receive.

For example, one dark December night after working really hard and being very exhausted from giving and giving I checked my body and soul into the spa and relaxed for 5 hours! I floated out of there nurtured, soothed, soft and happy beyond belief! The next day, I received $10,000!

Trust your body! If it is nudging you to take a nap or a bath or to go to yoga .. LISTEN to it! Your body has infinite wisdom!

Trust yourself that when you need to work or take action it will come from inspiration and desire not out of guilt or “have to” energy.

Allow yourself to RECEIVE.

Align your energy by feeling good.

Be in your JOY ZONE and let it be easy!

Try this technique every day for the next week and watch the money and love flow your way.

I promise it works if you let it!

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