re you willing to make 2011 the last year that happens?

There was the time I hit rock bottom in my business and my life, and I wasn’t willing to stay there one minute longer.

There comes a time when you’ve just had enough. When you realize you’ve only got one life and you’re not going to waste one more minute of it just waiting or hoping for things to get better.

It’s the time YOU decide to step up, put your big girl panties:) on and to take control of your life.

That’s when you say to yourself things like:

“This was the last year I let my body issues run my life.”

“This was the last year I put the wrong things into my body.”

“This was the last year I struggle in my business.”

When I made THAT last decision was when I hired my mentor…and that’s what turned things around from having $200 left to my name, to where I created over 6 figures… in just months!

Read how I did it here, and find out how you can do it too!

I’ve learned it’s while you’ve got this fire under you that it’s the absolute best time to make big changes. Actually, it’s the only time.

Because, the sad truth is, without support and encouragement, your new vision and passion don’t last. Soon “real life” sets in, and you’re back in your rut, and before you know it,  another year has gone by with nothing changing.

Are you willing to make 2011 the last year that happens?!

Then join me for my “6 Figures in 6 Months the Healthy Way” program. It’s designed for health coaches and other service -based entrepreneurs who are finally ready to stop struggling and allow themselves to succeed beyond their wildest dreams – not someday but starting right now!

I take you through the EXACT steps I took in my wealth consciousness, my business structures and my marketing strategy for my 6-figure business, so that you can use my recipe for success for yourself…and I support you and hold you accountable along the way.  (And just like any recipe, if you follow it, it works!)

Go here to get the full scoop.

Is this the last year you say “Maybe next year” when it comes to investing in yourself and your dreams?

Would NOW be a good time to allow yourself to succeed?

2012 CAN be your year – if you let it!

Love and Radiance,


P.S. If you want to make this your year I’m here to help.  Want to talk? Click here to book a phone consult with me.

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