Empty streetsThis week was 9/11, and like a lot of people –maybe you too? — I did a lot of remembering and reflecting.

11 years ago on 9/11/01, I was 26 years old and working as waitress in Park City, Utah to support my mountain biking and skiing lifestyle. I was lost and still didn’t know what to be when I grew up.

The eve of 9/11, I actually had a prophetic dream where I saw the planes crashing into the Towers. My Aunt Barbara worked in the second tower. Luckily she was running late that morning and wasn’t in her office when disaster struck. But ironically, just a year later she passed away suddenly.

It made me stop and think – our time here is not guaranteed for any of us. Everyone who lost their lives on 9/11 had dreams and plans. They probably thought they had a lifetime to make them come true…someday.

What about YOUR dreams and plans? How long have you put off stepping into the person you were meant to be and the life you were meant to live? How long do you think you have?

If you’re thinking now is not the time – I implore you to seize the day.

Seize the day - apply for a strategy session

I still have just TWO slots left to talk to me free, one-on-one. It’s your opportunity to start making YOUR dreams of your ideal freedom-based lifestyle, thriving business and contribution to the planet come true. Not “someday” but right NOW. Because someday is NOT a day on ANYONE’S calendar!  I MUST hear from you by Friday 9/14 for you to qualify for a session.

Seize the day - apply for a strategy session

Only those who decide to act TODAY on their dreams and goals are the ones who will succeed. That decision alone is a quantum leap toward your heart’s desire. I know, because the day I decided “this is it” was the day my whole life and business turned around.

I’m here for you to help you do the same…if you grab one of the last two sessions NOW.


P.S. You could make today the day you make your personal declaration that you will grow your life and your business to their fullest potential, no matter what. I’m excited and honored to be holding the space for you to do that. (And I know you can!)

Seize the day - apply for a strategy session

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