By Amanda Moxley

For those of you who don’t know me, as a kid I was teased for being fat and I totally believed those boys and proceeded to do what fat people do — I ate!  Being a very high-feeling, sensitive person living in a family of emotional eaters, I developed an emotional eating habit.

I hated my body and had no idea what was healthy. I was overweight and stuck in a body that didn’t match my spirit.  I also felt very ugly and unattractive.  No boys liked me, I was the last to be picked in gym class and was rarely asked to any of the dances.

I didn’t believe in myself. I suffered low self esteem and my body image sucked!

When I met and fell in love with my Soul mate Johnn, I made a commitment to myself to heal myself and to fall in love with myself as I was falling for Johnn.  And today, I coach and mentor women who want to love their bodies so that the excess weight and baggage will fall effortlessly away.

During my photo shoot with Christina Morassi in Los Angeles in February, I jokingly shared with her that I loved the spotlight so much that I wanted to be a model!  You can watch the video here.… It’s hilarious!

Well last week, I had a modeling agency contact me out of the blue and ask me if I was a model!  They said that they love my look and wanted to know if I was interested in print, magazines, reality tv, or commercials.  Ha!

Instant manifestation!

This was a total myth buster! I went from the ugly duckling who hated her body and believed she was fat and ugly to a beautiful, confident, self empowered, spiritually awake woman!

I’m sharing this with you because if I can go from the ugly duckling to being asked to be a model so can you!  Inner belief, self acceptance and self love have manifested in my outer image.

You are meant to have your most beautiful body – the one you were born with – the one that is perfect and a miracle and made in the likeness and image of Goddess.

You are meant to shine your light like a gorgeous sun beam.

You are meant to get out of your own way and start living your best life in a body you love and which brings you joy and pleasure.

But first you have to….

1.  Make the decision that you are ready to transform
2.  Own your desire… get excited about it
3.  Do the necessary inner and outer work to manifest your vision
4.  Get out of your own way
5.  Keep doing the inner and outer work
6.  Allow yourself to receive and have it all
7.  Rinse and repeat!

Love and brilliant blessings,


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