By Amanda Moxley

I just finished coaching my 21 Days to Feel Hot and Healthy program this week and we ended with the question, “How good can you stand it?”

This is a really big question that makes you stop in your tracks and see all of those crucial moments in which you choose between your ho-hum life now -OR- having what you REALLY want — like the beautiful, sexy body, OR being super successful in your biz, OR having a balanced life, OR having an intimate loving relationship….!!!  You KNOW what I’m talking about!

Whoever said that you can’t have it all? Why have you been choosing to take ONLY the crumbs and scraps of the Walmart pie instead of choosing the full, divinely delicious sweetness of the organic raw vegan pie of Life?  I think it goes back to being afraid of your LIGHT and who you truly are (an unlimited infinite being!).

To quote Marianne Williamson, “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won’t feel insecure around you.”

Do you have some ancient genetic belief lurking in your mind that tells you:  you don’t “deserve” to have a magical, amazing, abundantly rich, successful, easy, delicious, life-like heaven on Earth?  If yes, (you are not alone) can you let that go and start living life as if it truly was heaven on Earth?  (I hope you are nodding your head, HE*L YES!:)

It’s high time to start living in your big “I” – some call it your highest Self, your expanded Self, your Soul.  When you align with your big I, you align your Soul with source energy or “I am” energy. This powerful alignment with Source crowds out your little “you” ego (edging GOOD/God out) – that which keeps you scared, doubting, comfortable, separate and fearful.

This little ego is NOT the one driving the car, YOU are.  Make no mistakes as to who holds the most power!

So, back to the question…”How good can you stand it?”

Can you stand having the hot and healthy body, unlimited abundance, positivity, fun, pleasure, intimacy, adventure, love, friendships, radiant health and more?

If your answer is No, then get to work on receiving, allowing, opening and connecting to your highest self.

If your answer is “Well, I can have one or two of those things but not all of them” then you are blocking all the good that is your birth rite.  This explains why you sabotage yourself when you start feeling too good.  You might choose to overeat, or binge on sugar, or blow off exercise, or overspend money, or stay in an fulfilling relationship.  It’s as if you hit an invisible glass ceiling, the status quo from where you feel comfortable operating.  We unconsciously place these rules, boundaries and limits around ourselves because we are afraid of having it ALL!  You deserve MORE than status quo!

Feel that!

If you’re reading this, likely you are tired of hitting your head up against that glass ceiling and you are ready for MORE! You are ready to bust through your upper limits and into a whole new frontier of unlimited potential and infinite possibilities.  Yes, YES!

Your coaching assignment:

Step 1. Journal and daydream about your wildest dreams.  What would your body, life, bank account, relationships and business look like if you could have it ALL?

Step 2: Awareness.  Notice when you start putting yourself into an “either/or” bind. “I can have this but I can’t have this” thinking.  Write it down, tell a friend, or your Body and Soul coach.  This awareness will blow you away!  You will start noticing how many multiple times each day you are choosing between having it ALL or having just the leftover scraps and crumbs of the pie.

Step 3:  Go after your wildest dreams in a really big way. Do NOT hold back.  Say YES to your dreams and Go For It even if you are scared.  In order to grow you have to feel uncomfortable, you have to stretch and breathe into it.

Step 4:  Start living in the *AND*! Let yourself have it ALL because you deserve it all.  You can have this AND this AND this….!!!

If you want to learn how to HAVE IT ALL then definitely join me for my upcoming FREE teleclass on March 25th! And bring your friends too!

It’s your time to Shine! I believe in YOU!

Love and radiance,



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