Happy Holiday’s! Have you taken some time to reflect upon all that has manifested for you in 2011? Have you  appreciated how far you have come and then shifted your focus to what you wish to create in 2012? Start journaling about it today!

Amanda and Sawyer

This has been an extraordinarily amazing year of personal and professional growth for me (hear all about it here.) Three years ago tomorrow, I was blessed to naturally give birth to my beautiful son, Sawyer at home.

Ever since then, something has seriously shifted in me. I’ve felt empowered, motivated, focused, alive and ready to serve the world in a really huge way. It’s as if my son’s birth marked my own birth into my Life’s purpose. I feel like there is no time to waste any more – it is SHOW TIME and I simply cannot hold back anymore!

What about you?

If you have been subscribing to the Breath of Fresh Air e-zine, you may have noticed this shift. Perhaps it has piqued your interest because you, too, are ready to make some serious strides in your personal growth and evolution.

Do you want to CLAIM your ideal body and business and live your life passionately, fearlessly and vibrantly?

You can!

WishMy holiday wish for you is for you to have the body you desire and to make ALL of the money you deserve because you being your BEST most radiant self is your birthright.

Really think about how you want your body to LOOK and FEEL in 2012.


How much money do you want to allow in to your life in 2012?

The clearer your vision the faster it will manifest!
I want to personally invite you to schedule a
free end of year Breakthrough Session with me, so we can look at your unique situation, and figure out what’s stopping you from claiming your finacial destiny in 2012.


In this no-obligation session, we’ll also explore whether 6 Months to 6 Figures could be the right program for your transformation, and even how to make it happen easily!

Book your complimentary strategy session with me here :


Love and Blessings,


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