How are you today? I’m so excited about an amazing spiritual experience I wanted to share it with you.

Have you ever felt like the Universe was trying to send you a sign? For me it all started two months ago in February. I was out on a gorgeous mountain walk in Alta, Utah.  I was talking and feeling out my Vision to bring together a tribe of women who were ready to step into their radiant body, and be able to release all food and body issues and dramas, so that they could  really move forward with creating all that they desired in their life.

I went back to our condo and meditated for 30 minutes or more in the beautiful silence of my mind. When I opened my eyes and looked out the window a hawk was soaring right in front of me. WOW!

I learned that Hawk totem meant:

“As a totem the hawk is representative of soaring to higher states of awareness and vision. You can expect communications with spirit to open up more fully whenever hawk visits. Hawk energy is highly-charged and not to be ignored. Hawk implies a higher calling needs to be expressed.”

I was ecstatic and felt completely guided, supported and loved by the Universe.

I took Hawk’s message to heart and I created the Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program out of my highest  self with the Vision, belief and gratitude for the 8 phenomenal women I get to take through this journey.  Some days, fear has stood in my way that my Vision will not manifest.  I’ve allowed myself to feel the fear, let it flow through me and then refocus on my heart and where I want to go and who I want to take with me.

And Hawk has been following me and reminding me to keep the faith and to turn it over to Spirit. I’ve seen him 6 times in less then a week since I launched Radiant Body Soaring Spirit.

Thank you Universe for speaking to me! I hear you and LOVE you.

The message of this sharing is that when you are in doubt or fear look outside of yourself for signs from the Universe!



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