Give yourself 3 short weeks this summer to release the fat that’s holding you back — to ditch the stress and pain of carrying excess weight and finally feel on top of your game in your business, family and social life.

A juicy add-on bonus to this program is that you will look and feel smoking hot in your bikini this summer!

Have you?

**Searched for the perfect diet but haven’t found it yet?

**Felt overweight, bloated, tired, low energy and stressed?

**Struggled with emotional eating and cravings for unhealthy junk foods which leave you feeling spaced out, tired and on edge?

**Felt obsessed about your weight and body image?

**Been tired of being pulled in a thousand directions and not having enough time to focus on YOU?

**Felt like you were alone and left looking for a solution out of this mess?

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get in the Get Hot & Healthy for Summer 2010 program

Week 1: Awaken and Envision: I’ll lead you through a guided visualization to meet your future radiant self in your new hot radiant body, and a whole lot more.

Week 2: Release and Connect: Learn the 3 most essential action steps you must take if you want to release the fat that’s holding you back.

Week 3: Master and Transform: Be ready to replace self sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs with compassion, self love, acceptance, forgiveness and more.

Week 4: Celebration Time and Your New Expanded Inspiring Vision.

As you can see and feel, this is an INCREDIBLE program that has the potential to completely alter the course of your life! Join me and the other radiant women in this body and life changing program!

Investment: Admission to my Get Hot & Healthy for Summer 2010 21 Day program is only $197 with the Early Bird pricing (which ends at midnight on Wednesday July  21st.)  Normal pricing is $247.

Course begins: July 22nd, 2010 for 21 days.  All of the calls will be recorded and available for you to download and add to your holistic resource library.

Read inspiring success stories and enroll here!

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