Learn how to focus in the 21 Day Body Mind and Spirit Cleanse – starts today!

Following is an eight step way to pave your way to the life and body of your dreams!

Bull's eye 1. The first step in achieving any goal is to identify what you want. This can be the hardest part of getting started because you are blessed with countless choices and ideas. The best way to identify what you want is to listen to your intuition (your heart or gut feeling.) Then make a list of all of your options. Next create a pros and cons list for each choice. Seeing it all on paper helps but it may confuse you even more, if confusion is the case and clarity is not coming then take your mind elsewhere for the night. If it suits you try “turning your choice over” to your Angels and Guides while you sleep. You can imagine placing your questions in the palms of your loving Angels and watching them gracefully take them from you. You’ll wake up in the morning refreshed and clearer on which direction to take.

2. Determination is the second step in realizing your dreams. Allow nothing to steal your peace or get in the way of your dreams. Share your dreams with your closest friend or health counselor, someone who believes in you and knows you can do anything you put your mind to. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t look left or right! Focus on your target and you will make your mark!

3. The next step is commitment. Stay diligently committed to your goal for an allotted amount of time. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds give yourself a reasonable, healthy and realistic time frame. Mark the date on your calendar and focus on that date. Have unwavering, unshakeable faith that you will make your mark.

4. Pay consistent, daily, focused attention to your goal. You can do this by visualizing your success for several minutes each day, or by actually doing something which will bring you closer to your dreams.

5. Track your progress in your calendar, journal or computer. Each day take note of your successes and challenges in meeting your goal. Then make a plan to focus harder tomorrow or to ease up on yourself a little bit. Remember to love yourself up, everyday!

Girlfriends6. Believe in yourself by using positive affirmations, visualization, meditation, prayer and by surrounding yourself with uplifting, supportive friends who inspire you but more importantly believe in you. See the light in all beings.

7. Read or listen to books, autobiographies and true stories of other humans who have paved the way before you through realizing their dreams. Inspirational success stories can lift you up and bring you closer to your goals.

8. Lastly never give up on your dreams! Fall down a thousand times, get back up a thousand and one times! You can do it!

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