Do you journal every day? Are you writing your intentions and your reality into existence daily? If you’re in business for yourself, then the number 1 most important thing you must know and understand is that you are CREATING your business. You are the creator!!  

If you’re not consciously creating your business and getting the results you desire, then you are living off of a default pre-programmed robotic settle for mediocre reality. I know that sounds harsh, but I really desire to support you in manifesting your wildest dreams into existence.

How did I go from making 17k a year as a yoga teacher/ social worker mountain mama (in my 20’s) to now having a thriving solid consistent multiple 6 figure biz while consciously raising my kids, married to my soulmate and living in our dream home with lots of travel and joy?

Here’s what I did and what you get to do:

Step # 1 Have a powerful vision that pulls you forward. Write your vision down daily. Speak it into existence. Make a vision board/movie about it. FEEL it. See it. Believe IT. Receive it. Keep your vision at the FRONT of your mind at all times. Eyes on the PRIZE. In it to win it.

Step # 2 Decide to claim it. In every breath, in every thought, feeling, emotion and action DECIDE to claim your desires as already DONE.

Step # 3 Think new thoughts that ALIGN with your desires. Your thoughts create your beliefs. Your beliefs influence your actions. Your actions create your results. Therefore, change your thoughts, change your LIFE……

New thoughts for YOU! (These are some of my personal affirmations that I have written down on 5 X 7 index cards that I memorize/read multiple times a day.)

  • It’s normal for me to get everything I ask for. I allow it and I receive it.
  • Money feels light, easy, good and abundant to me.
  • It’s normal for me to win my way to success.
  • It’s normal for me to be and feel happy and high vibe, pumped up, excited, enthusiastic and full of JOY.
  • It’s normal for me to be rich, feel rich, act rich and be generous and feel secure with money.
  • My core belief is that money is my faithful forever best friend who is always there for me.
  • 80k months are my family and I’s new normal.
  • I always have tons of money stashed away, saved up, available for my and my families needs and desires (Living, fun, giving, business— all of it.
  • I always have money left over.
  • I am consistent in my sharing and showing up day in and day out. I have crystalized healthy habits for success in all areas of my life
  • I am a weaver of light, shape shifter, medicine woman.
  • I am the center of all GOOD things.
  • I am a molder and creator of my reality.
  • I yield and command my desires, dreams and intentions through unyielding thought FOCUS and power and feeling GOOD now.
  • I am a magician.
  • I am an alchemist.
  • I am above this world in a higher frequency of love. I walk with Jesus, the Magdelenes and the Angels of Light.
  • Money loves to surprise me, delight me, love me.
  • I love surprise money!
  • I am a high vibe millionaire now. 🙂
  • I make money every day.
  • I receive new sales every day.
  • My tribe hangs on my every word. I am magnetic. They comment, share, engage, like and reply 24/7.
  • I am blessed by my community.

These 3 steps are the foundation for your profitable, portable and playful business success (and exactly what I do.)

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest)…how would you rate yourself on actively engaging in these 3 steps?

Be honest. Don’t cut corners. If you’re not doing it, why not?

What resistance do you have?

Lemme know by replying back!

First you BE it then you RECEIVE it.

Strategy IS important in business but if you’re missing these 3 foundational steps, it will be so much harder for you to succeed.

“Launch It” Featured Success Story

Lori Mycoskie

I am so grateful for Amanda and the fire she lit under my booty! I came to her with a vision and a dream and she helped me launch it. I had already been working for months on planning and researching for my program- feeling like I had to have it perfect before I could sell it. Because of Amanda, I slayed that fear and sold programs before I even had it all ready! I did it scared. That’s one way- the best way- to get the job done!

If it weren’t for Amanda Moxley, I’d probably still be planning and researching. Because of that push I needed, I have now helped countless women begin their own journey to healing and recovery while loving an alcoholic or addict. I’m selling programs that are changing lives and healing hearts.

Thank you, Amanda, for pushing me to get it out there and believing I could!

Lori Mycoskie

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