By Amanda Moxley

The Equinox is a time of perfect balance between the light of day and the darkness of night. As we welcome the Fall in the northern hemisphere, we’re given a chance to look within and give thanks for the bountiful summer harvest.

Today we are in perfect balance with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine and held in the arms of Love in perfect harmony with all that is.

Today IS the very first day of the rest of your life.  Today could be the day where you decide to lean into love, to let go and fully trust the process of life.

Let yourself get crystal clear on what your SOUL truly desires then allow yourself to receive.  You were built to receive. Trust this – know that you were born with everything you need.  You never have to worry where your next breath is coming from or when your heart will beat again.  Your body is a perfect reflection of your awesome power and limitless potential.  Tune into it and trust it!

What is your intention for the Equinox?  Spend some time getting clear, share it with a friend and then open up to receiving all the good that you desire.

You were born to feel joy in every moment. Here is an inspirational quote from Abraham-Hicks:

“There is nothing that you cannot be, do or have.  And your work here – your lifetime career – is to seek JOY.

You live in a Universe of absolute freedom.
You are so free that every thought you think will attract onto you.

As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who-you-really-are.  And so, utilize your profound freedom.  Seek joy first, and all of the growth that you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly onto you.”

In Love and Radiance,


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