Hello December! For us in the Northern Hemisphere it is the darkest time of the year. The darkness outweighs the light and yet, I feel the magic in the air.

This MONTH could be your very best month EVA!

I remember a dark December years back where I was in a massive FEAR storm around money. Wanna hear about It? It’s a good one!

Well I was facing an enormous BILL that I did not have the money for. In fact, I had no idea where the money would come from and I was in a hot sweat most nights about where and how I was going to pay for the bill. (Have you ever been there?)

I had no credit or any other resources to bail me out of this situation. I had to make the money no matter what, otherwise I was in BIG trouble. My mind was f’in with me 24/7.

I tried to back out of a coaching program I was in because I was afraid I could not make the money. Well, backing out of my commitment and contract was not going to happen.

I remember talking to my coach and her fiercely telling me that she only worked with A-players and peeps who were in-it-to-win-it and if I was just going to GIVE UP she did not want to coach me anyway. So, I had a choice. I could shrink into FEAR (false evidence appearing real) or I could RISE UP and make the f’in money.

Not being one to give up. I did rise up! Here’s how I did it.

1. I asked my master mind tribe to PRAY for me and my financial miracle and they did! Asking for prayers for a financial miracle was a first for me.

2. I got in the ring with my EGO. I remember waking up one morning and looking in the mirror and saying “this is WAR!” and I’m going to win.

3. I quit worshiping my fear and instead I affirmed like a mo’fo. Non STOP. 800 or more times a day, I used the power of my MIND to affirm what I desired.

4. I took MASSIVE action to make the money. I hosted a free call every week to my peeps. I wrote the sales page. I had a zillion strategy sessions with potential clients. I launched my first 10k program which brought up every worth and deserving limiting belief I had since childhood. I prayed. I visualized. I journaled.

5. I exercised. I moved my BODY. I danced. I sang with my affirmations.

6. I listened to uplifting music while dancing and FELT myself with the desired money.

7. I took myself to the SPA to get into my feminine receiving energy. I stayed there for 5 hours and journaled about my dream life and biz and money flow. That felt good!

8. I continued to receive coaching from my mentor.

And then on December 31st, I had a strategy session with a gorgeous woman who I had met two years before at a networking event. In my mind, I never thought she would be a client! But she had a different idea. She had been watching me grow, stretch and prosper over the years and she wanted SOME of that! Goddess bless her!

I received my financial MIRACLE in the 11th hour on the exact day I needed it! 10k was wired into my bank account on the 31st of December.

Money comes from source.

We block our good consistently because of our limiting beliefs and our feelings and persistent thoughts about lack, fear, worry and doubt.

You were not created in a spirit of FEAR.

There is ONLY LOVE!

I am sure you have experienced miracles in other areas of your life, right?

Well why NOT be open to a financial miracle in your life?

After my demonstration, I felt so loved, so heard, so seen and so adored by the Divine. The only thing between me and my GOOD was ME! I was the one IN MY WAY.

You are the ONLY one in your way!

Start today by cleansing out your mental terrain. Begin to sew seeds of prosperity, abundance, love, joy and miracles. Be fierce. Be focused. Be feminine.

THINK for yourself!

Thoughts are things.

You BECOME what you think about.

Let it in!

Don’t let your present reality FOOL you!

Abundantly yours,

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