End Your Money Drama

I created this very special training call to support you in busting through your F’in money issues once and for all before 2012 is OVER.

In this no-cost 60-minute training call you will learn

  • Why now it’s time to put a FORK in your F’in Money Story and be done with it for good
  • The 5 juicy secrets you must know if you are serious about getting off of the money roller coaster ride
  • Discover the One Tiny Thing That is Keeping You Small, Scared and Broke
  • Learn the real meaning of DEBT and how to heal the shame, embarrassment and fear forever
  • Hear more about Amanda’s quantum leap once she put a Fork in her F’in money story
  • Discover how to TAP into your unique divine spiritual TRUST FUND so that you can double your income or better in the next 12 months

If you are ready to End Your Money Drama and get off the feast and famine roller coaster once and for all then register here!!

Join me on this no-cost call (a $97 Value!)

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