I woke up in the dark with a lightness in my heart, flipped on some rockin music and began my morning dancing in the dark! I love it. I love life.

Have you let the darkness of the late fall days bring you down?

If you answered yes than here are some great tips for embracing the darkest part of the year:

1. Get in rhythm with nature and tuck yourself into bed by 7 p.m. at least one night a week. Stay in bed until the sun shines again the next day.

2. Take a hot bath with Epsom salt and lavender essential oil.

3. Go sledding and pretend you are a kid again! Go fast!

4. Cozy up near a warm fire with a cup of peppermint or ginger tea with your sweety.

5. Go to the library and get a ton of good books that you would never have a chance to read during the hectic summer months.

6. Chop up onions, carrots, celery, garlic, sweet potatoes and lentils in a crock pot and water before you leave your house in the morning so you can come home to a healthy and nutritious meal.

7. Live in gratitude for the beauty of your life.

8. Share

These tips are inspired by my work as a Body Transformation Coach I hope they assist you in attaining radiant health and in living the life of your dreams!

In Love and Radiant Health,


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