If you’re like most of us, you started 2011 with the best intentions.

Maybe you even made some New Year’s resolutions about getting in shape. Finally paying more attention to the things you’re putting into your body. Being more positive, grateful, joyful. Loving yourself more.

How has that been going so far?

If it’s been a struggle, or if you started strong but fell by the wayside, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s normal. Life happens! And most “diets” and self-help plans fail.

But the great news is, it’s NOT too late!

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In my inaugural Fit, Fab & Fierce program, you’ll join me and 7 motivated women in totally transforming your body and your life by the end of this year, starting right now!

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Of course, I need to warn you right now about the likely side effects of this program (all of which have been reported by my clients):

o    Women taking the Fit, Fab & Fierce program should watch out for a massive and permanent improvement in their self esteem. (Please contact your doctor for smiles lasting longer than four hours.)

o    Women entrepreneurs who were once camera-shy may experience suddenly urges to appear on video or speak in front of large groups of business prospects.

o    Your may notice a sudden swelling of your bottom line as your confidence soars to never-before-seen levels!

o   And your love life…well, let’s just say you (or your partner) might want to have the paramedics on speed-dial.  (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

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ONE LAST WARNING (and this one is serious): doors close on this amazing program on September 20th or when it fills up, whichever comes first.  Don’t miss out on making 2011 the year you change EVERYTHING!

Love and Radiance,


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P.S. Questions? Click here to set up a phone call with me, where I’ll personally give you the lowdown and help you decide if this program is meant for you.

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