By Amanda Moxley

Do you trust yourself? I mean do you REALLY trust yourself?  On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you trust yourself with food, money, exercise, following your intuition, relationships and love?

One of my greatest life lessons has been to learn to TRUST myself and to relax into my desires.

How many times have you let yourself down after you promised yourself you would eat healthier or exercise?

When we do this we hurt our WILL which results in life long insecurity, doubt and a leaking of our personal power.  In effect, we weaken ourselves and become powerless rather than empowered.

I want to give you some tips for deepening your trust within yourself –

1. Own your desires. The Latin roots of desire are “equivalent to” and “heavenly body or constellation”.  In other words, desire means “of God.”  Your desires are unique to you and only you.  If you desire radiant health, wealth, freedom, adventure, deep love and creative outlets – OWN it, baby! Stand tall in your desires.  Write them down, make a vision board, see and feel your desires.

2. Relax. Don’t freak out and try to control everything.  Instead relax, lean back and get excited about your desires.

3. Focus on the big picture. This little trick is a life saver!  The big picture helps put things into perspective.  Think BIG… after all, you are a spirtual being having a material experience.  Remembering who you are helps you TRUST yourself.  Take your time.

4. Keep leaning back and relaxing into your desire.

5. Breathe deeply and completely.  This helps you settle into your being and deepens trust in oneself.

6. Keep owning your desire.

7. Trust yourself know that you are safe. You don’t have to worry about anything.  This is a benevolent and generous Universe and so are you.  Tap into it.

Love and brilliant blessings,


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