I love Monday’s because I get to coach my master mind, my business school and my private clients. Today, a client was talking about wanting to make 10k (something she’s been asking for for several months).

She’s smart, super knowledgeable, knows her niche inside and out, educated, trained and has certificates out the yin yang.

Maybe you can relate?

I know I could way back in the day.

It’s like you’re the best kept secret.

You are so damn good at what you do and you know it but you’re blocking yourself from claiming it full out!

So what is stopping YOU from asking for and RECEIVING the money, clients and success in your business?

Are you taking action consistently?

Are you showing up consistently?

Are you asking for the sale?

Are you serving your community with value, heart and soul?

Are you speaking and sharing your true divine message consistently?

Are you putting yourself out there as the expert and the pro that you are?

Are your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in alignment with YOUR goals and dreams?

Are you deciding with every breath in every moment to be the success you desire?

If you are doing these things, then there is no reason for you to NOT have what you desire and no reason to not be making awesome money in your business.

So what is stopping you?

Is it that you don’t feel like you are worthy or deserving? Or you need another degree? Or you have to wait for something to click? Honestly look at your reasoning, why are you delaying your success?

Everything clicked for me once I decided to get out of my own way, accept heaven’s help and receive what I had been working so hard to receive. You have to realize that YOU are an answered prayer. And that when YOU win, everybody wins. And by doing so you are a channel for LOVE to move through you.

Be the success.

Embody the breakthrough you crave

Be the energy of what you want

Know your traps.

Catch yourself when you slide back to your old ways.

Get out of your comfort zone



P.S. Women have a ton of excuses why they have not gotten visible and made bank yet in their biz…

“I’m not ready.”

“I’m not an expert.”

“Who’s going to listen to ME?”

“ME?! Speak in PUBLIC and share my story? Are you INSANE?!?!!”

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