A lot of life can happen in 7 days, it all can change in an instant and bring you to the core of what life is all about. Since I last wrote (last Wednesday), my little baby sister had a week of parties, teas, showers, toasts with 180 of her closest friends and family and topped it all off with an incredible wedding celebration to my now brother in love, Aron.

She was a beautiful bride and happy as can be. What impressed me the most is how many incredible lifelong friends , family and family friends Aron and Samantha have. They are rich in friends and community and, of course, love. Now they are off to Croatia for 2 weeks. What a blessing.

At the same time, one of my lifelong friends passed away. Maya Angelo said, “you’ll forget what people say or do but you’ll always remember how they made you FEEL.” Well my friend Tom Le Duc made me and all of his friends feel so loved and special. He was a ball of laughs and good times.

His passing brought together all of my lifelong friends and family for his service and celebration of life yesterday. It was the best funeral, I have ever attended and the homily by Father Norm, a priest I have known my entire life, helped me heal some of my separation between God and I. Growing up Catholic (+13 years of Catholic school) left me feeling unloved and unworthy of God’s love because you know we’re all sinners and there’s a lot of guilt from a young age.

But in this service and the sacred ritual of death, I realized and remembered that all is always forgiven and that we are loved and worthy and all is LOVE.


Bringing this back to business and creating the life of your dreams, I am reminded that we are SPIRITUAL beings, having a material experience and that we can not take anything with us. We are here to love one another and to serve and help and prosper and live life following our heart’s desires.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, your life’s work is the highest form of service you can share with the world.

Your unique GIFTS are a blessing and an answered prayer to be GIVEN to your tribe (and in exchange you get to receive money).

Your unique life experience and story is meant to uplift, shift and transform lives (share more of YOU today).

You matter and you have 1 life and legacy to live. (Stop procrastinating and waiting. #JFDI)

You are courageous for being an entrepreneur and breaking the mold of what is possible for you and others and you going for your DREAMS is more inspiring than you realize. (Never stop).

Through all of this, thank you for being a part of my tribe and community. I am blessed and grateful for you.

Admittingly, it has felt a little hard to take off 80% of the past 3 weeks from my business (with the exception of coaching my Rising Star + Money Core Master Mind and Private Launch It clients). The type-A person in me, who wants to be #JFDIing all of the time, had to release control, surrender, be present and let GO and ENJOY the gifts of time FREEDOM that we entrepreneurs have. What a blessing.

It’s easy for us to feel like we always have to be ON and go-go-go in our businesses but if you can learn to let go and RECEIVE and let life love you, surprise you and delight you because YOU are infinitely WORTHY of having it all, then that is where the MAGIC happens.

Can you do that? Do you do that?

What fun plans do you have this summer (winter in the southern hemisphere)? Reply back and let me know! I love hearing from you so much!

I’m excited to be a part of some great interview series and gift giveaway’s in July that I can’t wait to introduce you to ( so watch this space).

Summer is sacred. The days are long. Abundance is in the air. Soak up the season.

I love you,


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