Cookie cutter paint by numbers business in a BOX coaching programs are dead.

Yes, it’s important to learn the foundation and the basics to blowing up online but after that you have to:

  • Find and free your own voice
  • Decide what works for YOU and your tribe.
  • Be yourself
  • Trust your instincts
  • Act from your gut

For example, I am a very high quick start on the Kolbe assessment form which means I am quick, fast and very spontaneous. (Example: Sunday I signed up for a VIP event in Beverly Hills, booked my flight attended the event less than 48 hours later.)

In November I was attending an event in L.A. and then signed up to go to a retreat in Hawaii 2 days later and left the next day.

I don’t do well with long drawn out plans and launches. When I get the “download” and the INSPO, I jump. I create. I share it.

I find that I am more magnetic to money, clients, opportunities when I live on my edge vs. planning out something for MONTHS.

Let me be real with you, I rocked out an incredible 25+ expert telesummit earlier this year, and during that time, I was so focused on learning the system (even though I have done 4 summits before this), that I did not sell anything or offer anything for sale for months!!

Not selling gives me anxiety because I don’t feel like I am living my purpose, helping and making the impact I know I am born to make. I love selling because I believe that selling is the ultimate service we can provide.

Frankly, I was giving my power away to the coach, to the system. Trying to do it right. Believing that if I paint by numbers and follow the PLAN then my dreams would come true.

But I felt more and more frustrated with myself and this system. I felt like since I was paying to learn this point of view, I should STICK with it and make myself follow it no matter what.

But that is a lack and scarcity mindset that does not SERVE me, my purpose, my destiny nor my tribe.

I finally pulled my head out of my ass, took my power back, cut the chords from the system and the plan and started doing what felt RIGHT to me. I turned my passionate artist with heart, soul, purpose back on and started selling and serving again at my highest level.

That’s the other thing about me. I CARE. My heart is pure GOLD. I f’in LOVE every single one of my clients with all of my heart. My clients, fans, followers and students are not JUST A NUMBER. They are not a herd who must do what I say, and follow my system, believe in my point of view and only listen to me.

I am no GURU. I don’t pretend to have the answers or pretend to know the HOLY GRAIL chalice of how to GET RICH. If you just do what I say mentally, you will be rich and successful.


My tribe is made up of go getters, rebels, renegades, revolutionaries, creators, bad ass, big hearted women and men on a mission with a vision to rock out their divine dreams with HEART.

What’s different about me. And, for the longest time, I discounted it and did not see the value in it, but I own it now and that is I CARE. I pour my love and heart into mentoring and coaching my clients. I see you. I hear you. I love you. I understand you. And I pair that with no BS, straight to the point JFDI ninja business style so you bust out of your head and into your heart and take action on everything you have inside of you now. And of course, I show you the how and the what (if that’s what you need).

So if you’re done with the paint by numbers, business in a box BS system and plan and you want a real mentor with real heart, passion and care to see you when you don’t see you, to believe in you when your faith waivers and to show you some strategies, tips and tricks to rock out your multiple 6 figures business working 18 hours or less a week, send me a Facebook PM or reply back to this email right now and we can talk about my all new 6 week high level Launch It 1:1 Mentoring program.

I love you.


P.S. The Launch It High Level 1:1 mentoring program is for you, if you’re ready to launch your next program in 45 days or less. This is for you, if you want massive clarity on your next steps, learn how to leverage your time, ditch the dollars for hours mentality and scale your income out of struggle into abunDANCE.

You know you have a divine gift and you feel like the best kept secret and you can’t take it anymore. It’s your time to make your move. You are clear on your work in the world but you want help taking your gifts further out into the world so you can make the impact your soul is calling you forward into.

You want support with handling the voices in your head about being vulnerable and in the spot light so that you can be the channel that God is calling you to be. You’re ready to rock your voice. You are fired up. Willing to do the work, no matter what. Do stuff that scares you. Get out of your comfort zone like raising your prices, packaging your programs, asking for the sale and receiving it. This is your time and you’re two feet in.


  • 4 1:1 coaching calls with Amanda (Value $4,000)
  • Amanda’s Get Visible & Make Bank 4 week program (which teaches you how to create your transformational story, signature system and sell your programs online and offline) (Value $997)
  • Two tickets to Amanda’s next live event (Value $1,997)
  • FB messenger support with a 24 hour response window (not including weekends) (Value $3,000)

Total Value= $10,500

Investment Pay in full $1997, 2 payments of $1,250 or 3 payments of $900.

Only 4 sacred spots available. Is one yours?

P.P.S. JFDI Fast Action Bonus when you decide in the next 24 hours- 90 minute VIP kickstart session with Amanda to hit the ground running.

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