“I can not believe the effects this cleanse has had on my body. We are only two weeks in and I have already seen drastic results.”

“Aside from losing ten pounds, my mental, emotional, and overall wellbeing has never been better. I wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day without having to reach for the coffee and it stays with me the whole day. At first I thought that I would not find much to eat and be starving the whole time, but I have yet to be hungry.”

“I have enjoyed all the organic fruits and vegetables I have been munching on and I have found new recipes and new foods that I never thought I would enjoy. As far as cravings go, I do not miss coffee and other food cravings have passed simply because my body has let go of all the processed foods, so I don’t want them. I feel wonderful and I never imagined it would be so easy!!!”

— Mercedes Marston
Social Worker
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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