“The cleansing program with Amanda was amazing. I have done plenty of cleanses, nutritional cleanses and fasts in the past. None of them have been as effective as this past month.”

“The design of this program is fool proof. I am not the most disciplined person in the world and as hard as I tried… I always struggled with any cleansing program I started. The synergy of the group, one-on-one counseling and loving guidance really made a difference this time around.”

“All my life I’ve had “problem-sensitive” skin and dealt with horrible break-outs and the face of a teenager in my mid 20’s. Just two weeks into the cleanse I felt such a difference! My physical body was lighter than ever, my emotional body more stable and accepting and my skin… wow! I had never ever received a compliment on what “radiant and beautiful skin” I have. Now I hear it all the time! It’s a pleasure to walk out there into the world feeling great, stepping lighter and being able to genuinely smile and be confident in one’s own skin.”

“The wonderful thing is that the tools that Amanda provides are not a one-time-thing. They become resources that one can tap into anytime in need. And that… is so valuable!”

“Thank you for all your love and light Amanda!”

— Sandra Mederos
Holistic Health Counselor
Washington, DC USA

New cleanse starts on March 3.

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