“Amanda’s program is like no other I’ve come across. She instructs her groups to be sensible and realistic with our encounters with food.

Her program is not a stereotypical diet where you break out your measuring cup,

scale and begin writing down each and everything you eat.

In fact, it’s not a diet at all. It’s a life changing way to look at food.

Amanda provides a toolbox full of tips and advice on how to conquer one of the most common goals amongst us today, “I want to be healthy”.

She breaks it down to the essence of being healthy and what it really means to our whole body, mind and spirit. It’s amazing what happens to your overall well being when you truly practice and believe “you are what you eat.”

After going through Amanda’s program, I had so much more energy!  She taught me that eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to do. Her program refocuses your own vision of health and makes your goals attainable without stress or pressure!

Throughout her program, you’ll find yourself slipping in a whole grain here and a little bit of deep breathing there.  Before you know it, a lot of what you talk about each week starts to stick.  Some extra added bonuses I found were that her reference manual is fantastic and she’s a blast to work with!”

Kayli Moss
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

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