Your life is defined by the choices you make in every moment. Your decisions are based on your beliefs which are created by your thoughts and money is usually at the fore front of most of these decisions.

I was faced with an important decision while in Manhattan. Was I going to take an underground subway or a private car to my conference? Underground or in the light of the new day? I chose the light!

Back in my scraper days in Manhattan (in 2005, I flew to NYC every month for nutrition School), I never would have called a taxi or a private car! You would have found me underground after sleeping on my yogi friends couch all night, whose apartment by the way was infiltrated with cockroaches. Yes, cockroaches! It was disgusting and dirty and horrible but I didn’t want to “spend” money on renting a flat or a hotel back then.

On other occasions, I stayed with another yoga friend in her apartment who was a massive hoarder. It was the worst feeling ever but I put up with it because it was free or so I thought. What was that saying about me and my standards and my worth and my confidence in myself and money?

It’s actually very sad to think about it.

How about you? In which ways in your life right now are you settling for second best or even the very worse? Where are you compromising? List 3 places right now.

Other times, I stayed with my high school friends who moved to Manhattan and they each had gorgeous, luxurious and beautiful living spaces some even over looking Central Park. I felt like I was “less than” my high school BFF’s. I felt like a scraper. All because of money and the choices I was making because of the perceived lack of it.

I was caught between two worlds… the yogi “spiritual” path of withdrawing my senses and having less even if it meant putting myself in horrible and filthy places and then on the flip side amongst luxury, beauty, wealth and financial flow.

It’s weird how money is never spoken about and yet it is a defining factor in every aspect of our lives. I actually have never talked about money with my high school BFF’s but I am going to now.

This week I invite you to take an in depth study
as to how money influences every decision you make.

For starters, money determines the quality of the sheets on your bed and even the kind of pillow you’ll spend more than half your life sleeping on. It determines the house and living space you’ll spend your LIFE in. It determines your neighborhood and therefore the people you will surround yourself and be influenced by.

Money chooses if you buy organic or conventional foods for your body and for your children’s nutrition. Money decides IF or what kind of support you will have for yourself. It determines if you will have a coach, a mentor, a therapist, a hair stylist, a house keeper, a chef, a massage therapist, good child care or amazing childcare. It determines every restaurant you go to, every store you shop in, and every adventure you take or do not take. It decides if you ride coach or first class.

Yikes! Money pretty much influences every aspect of your life. It even determines the size of your gravestone and the quality of your casket and even how long your obituary will be in the paper. And not to mention, the legacy you will leave behind.

So, money really does matter after all!

I’m fired up about healing the money story on planet earth. I envision a world where universally we all pivot out of fear, lack, separation and scarcity into the ENERGY and vibration of love.

Will you join me in rising up and beyond your current reality of money?

If yes, then follow this link to join me on this no-cost call (a $97 Value!) because I created a special presentation for you to support you in busting through your F’in money issues once and for all before 2012 is OVER



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