Have you ever busted yourself sabotaging yourself back on down out of what you want and right on back down to your comfort zone?

Well, if you’re not claiming your goals and living your vision board dreams than you probably have.

Here’s what to do instead in 9 steps juicy steps!

  1. Lock in your VISION of what you want and what your goals really are and WHY you want it so bad!
  2. Start thinking of Money as a GAME, play the money GAME for FUN and to WIN! Get strategic! And attack it!
  3. Convince yourself of your WHY (you want this) until it becomes a MUSTand a NEED that you will DIE if you do not get THIS!!
  4. Track your VISION (money goal) daily, like a hawk. Get intimate with your money! Where are you in relation to what you want? On track or no?
  5. Ask yourself “WHY IS IT OK that you are not claiming what you want? WHY IS THAT OK? Really? Stop settling! WHY IS THIS OK???
  6. Make a decision to stop settling.
  7. Give yourself permission to ASK for more and remind yourself of your WHY.
  8. Get rid of “bills survival just get by thinking” instead get a VISION of your PURPOSE that powerfully pulls you forward. (I am building “Sawmander” houses in my community for the homeless.with my 8 year old Sawyer. And we love sponsoring “Save the Children” children.) What’s your PURPOSE?
  9. Act as if you already are Future Radiant Successful Millionaire YOU! What does she/he think, feel, believe, expect, behave, receive and show up? Act from THERE.

I love hearing from you, email me back and lemme know if this helps!

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This is for you if you’re ready to launch your next program and get into massive JFDI action mode in 45 days or less.

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You know you have a divine gift and you feel like the best kept secret and you can’t take it anymore.

It’s your time to make your move.

You are clear on your work in the world but you want help taking your gifts further out into the world so you can make the impact your soul is calling you forward into.

  • You want support with handling the voices in your head about being vulnerable and in the spot light so that you can be the channel that God is calling you to be.
  • You’re ready to rock your voice.
  • You are fired up,
  • Willing to do the work no matter what.
  • Do stuff that scares you.
  • Get out of your comfort zone like raising your prices, packaging your programs, asking for the sale and receiving it.
  • This is your time and you’re two feet in.


  • 4 1:1 coaching calls with Amanda (Value $4,000)
  • Amanda’s Get Visible & Make Bank 4 week program (which teaches you how to create your transformational story, signature system and sell your programs online and offline) (Value $997)
  • Two tickets to Amanda’s next live event (Value $1,997)
  • FB messenger support with a 24 hour response window (not including weekends) (Value $3,000)

Total Value= $10,500

Investment Pay in full $1997 or 2 payments of $1,250 or 3 payments of $900

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JFDI Fast Action Bonus when you decide in the next 24 hours- 75 minute VIP kickstart session with Amanda to hit the ground running.

“Diane’s Launch It Success Story”

I have been following Amanda for years and taken most of her courses. When I saw that she was offering Get Visible & Make Bank, I knew it was exactly what my business needed right now!

I did have a Signature Speech and I realized that it no longer fit the work that I was doing. Through the course Amanda and I brainstormed topic ideas. I used her Signature Speech formula to develop new content which she reviewed and gave me powerful suggestions. I also refined my seminar story which was too long and shortened it to be more dynamic.

Since the completion of the course, I have continued to work with Amanda in her Summer Launch Program and, have become “This Girl Is on Fire”.

  • I have written a Launch Plan for my Business
  • Manifested a creative, talented Virtual Assistant
  • I am completing my new WebsiteDianeCunninghamMarketing.Com
  • Created a logo, domain name, tribe name “Kindred Spirits
  • Refined my “Seven Highly Effective Marketing Strategies of Lady Gaga” Opt-in gift.
  • Updated my I- Contact List
  • Created a FB Educational Poll
  • Professional title of “The Spiritual Marketing Shaman”
  • Created a Facebook Visibility Plan

It’s amazing! I can’t believe I have accomplished all of this. Phew!

One of my goals was to have a global business. Recently I was asked to be the Marketing Expert for an International Spiritual Magazine where I will be writing monthly articles starting in September 2017.

Also, I am planning an Online webinar in October called “ Up-leveling Your Value through Premium Packages”.

I highly recommend working with Amanda. She is very knowledgeable as she has walked my path. She is ultra-creative, thinks outside the box and is so funny. I have been totally impressed with her expedient response to my questions, enabling me to move forward quickly.

I also love that she travels to Hawaii with her family and still conducts her business.

I am looking forward to much success as I continue to learn a great deal from Amanda…all valuable lessons that I can share with my clients.

Diane Cunningham – The Spiritual Marketing Shaman



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