Happy Spring! I’m delighted to invite you to my upcomingMoney tree complimentary call series on a very HOT topic! This call is for you if you feel like your body and body image issues are holding you back from making the kind of money you really want to make.

Join me for my Moving Beyond YOUR Body Barrier™ to Start Making the Money you Desire and Deserve complimentary call!

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You might be thinking, what is a body barrier™ and what does this have to do with money?

Well please allow me to explain….

This Body Barrier™ is a phenomenon, I’ve noticed in the hundreds of clients and students I’ve coached and mentored over the years.

wallThis Body Barrier™ is literally a WALL that blocks you from your best body, your ultimate wealth and the intimate love you desire.

The Body Barrier™ keeps you stuck, small, powerless in fear and drama swirling around in circles of doubt, lack and not enough-ness watching life pass you by and wishing and knowing that there is more for you.

The Body Barrier™ consumes 80-90% of every waking thought you have and keeps you trapped in mediocrity, scarcity, and disbelief.

Intriguing? If any of this rings true for you or anyone you know then join me as I uncover:

* How your body and body image issues are blocking you from the money you desire and deserve

* Tips, tools and tricks to help you stop self sabotaging with food

* Identify your own Body Barrier™ percentage

* Tap into your ultimate VISION of what’s possible for you when you move beyond your Body Barrier™

Plus I will discuss my

exclusive new Move Beyond your Body Barrier™ and Start Making the Money You Deserve and Desire coaching program!

Register here for the live call on Thursday at 5 MST (7 EST) or get the mp3.
Amanda pink topSee you on the call!

In Love and Radiance,


P.S.  I want to give a big warm welcome and virtual hug to all of the new subscribers to the Breath of Fresh Air

e-zine and my community! I love hearing from you, so drop me a line and tell me about you!

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