By Amanda Moxley

Gratitude and appreciation are two of the highest vibrations we can hold for our bodies. The problem is most of us are addicted to criticizing, hating, comparing and disowning our bodies.

Now is the time to start viewing your body as sacred and to hold it in the highest vibration of gratitude and appreciation for the miracle it is. The night I gave birth to my son, the highs of our natural home water birth flooded my Soul and awakened a deep respect for my body that I had never experienced before. Laying there in the dark, I vowed to myself to NEVER utter a hating, criticizing thought or emotion to my body again. I was overtaken by a rampage of appreciation and in awe at the magic and miracle of my human body.  I promised myself that I would always be grateful and appreciative for its power and innate wisdom.

New born babies and young children are our best teachers of body confidence, gratitude and appreciation. They teach us that we are not our bodies, instead we are our Souls being expressed through our body. Young children do not compare their cheesy thighs or belly rolls to other babies. Instead, they strut their stuff laughing and loving all the way.

Today is YOUR day to break out of the negative, critical body mold you may be unconsciously trapped in. By now you know at least intellectually that your thoughts, feelings and emotions create your reality, which ultimately create your body. You are a powerful creator who can manifest anything you desire!

Here are 5 steps to transform your relationship with your body.

Step 1) Awareness. Tune in to every thought, feeling and emotion you are consciously and unconsciously expressing to your body. What are the thoughts that you continuously play over in your mind about your body, weight and food when you walk by a mirror or step out of the shower? Example, “I shouldn’t eat this brownie, it’s going to make me fat” or “my belly is fat” or, “how did I let myself go?” “I hate my butt” etc.

Step 2) Write down every negative body thought, feeling and emotion in your journal.

Step 3) Next, focus on what you want to create rather than on what you do NOT want.  Turn every negative statement into a positive, body affirming loving statement. Write them out on a note card and repeat them daily. Examples,” I love my hips because they allow me to move forward fearlessly in life.”, “I am grateful for my belly because it digests my food and carried my children.”  I like to work my positive affirmations while I am exercising. I repeat, I love my belly, I love my belly. I am grateful for my arms, I am grateful for my arms over and over. With consistent, daily, focused attention and intention soon enough your new thought patterns will take over and you will begin to believe it!

Step 4) Stop being a victim to your habitual thoughts, feelings and emotions you carry about your body, weight and food. Instead, own it all. Take 100% responsibility for every thought, feeling, emotion, action and result with your food and body. This step alone will set you free!

Step 5) Begin a daily self love and appreciation ritual appreciating the divinity of your body.
1) Soak in a hot bath with lavender essential oil

2) Place your hands over your belly, imagine that you have white light flowing from the palms of your hands, relax, breathe and flow energy into your belly.

3) Do a body scan by mentally going over every inch of your body while repeating, “I love and thank you.”

4) Soak a hand towel in hot water with lavender essential oil and then lovingly rub your body repeating your body gratitude affirmations.

In Love and Radiance,

Body and Soul Transformation Coach

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