I realized that in a lot of videos I share with you, I make it seem like all you have to do is journal about and visualize your desires and then they will come to you. Well, that is TRUE for about 50% of the manifestation process AND there is more to it.

If you want to double your income or even release 20 pounds you must stretch yourself in ways that make you feel uncomfortable. You have to sweat a little bit! The saying, “if you’re comfortable, you’re not growing” is filled with sage wisdom. All of the mystics and modern day hero’s live life in the uncomfortable zone, why should you be any different? We’re meant to live close to Spirit like babies who trust completely.

To get something that you have never had before, you have to be willing to do something that you have never done before. Breathe that one in!

I take risks. I focus. I hustle.

When you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, in turn you learn to TRUST yourself. You build character. You get stronger. You form new muscles. You manifest an unshakeable inner knowing and confidence that no one can ever take away from you.

Answer these questions:


Where are you stretching in your life?

Where are you holding yourself back?

Why are you holding yourself back?

What is your biggest fear?

Eighteen months ago, I risked it all when I had nothing. I stretched myself to become the business woman I dreamed of becoming by investing in a $50,000 mentoring program with a coach who had walked the path ahead of me.

Showing up, being visible

This was one of the scariest decisions, (read exciting) I had ever made in my life but in my GUT it was a full bodied yes. I trusted my GUT and 6 weeks later, I made $54,000.

Making that $54k was uncomfortable too. Showing up, being visible, marketing myself, asking for the sale, making calls, doing videos all while being a mom to a toddler and loving my soul mate and keeping my body strong and healthy was NOT easy. But it strengthened me and gave me an unshakeable confidence in myself. I went on to double that $54k a few short months later.

Then after that program was complete, I invested another 40k to get the coaching I needed to stretch to my next level. It was scary again because I had to make the monthly payment. There were no back doors, just me and God working it out. I had to come face to face with God and I had to look deep within to hear and heal my inner child.

Our trip to Hawaii

11th hour miracles manifested every time and I made that monthly payment in cash every time. God really did have my back.

Next came our trip to Hawaii, and saying yes to paying double what our mortgage was for a sweet beach pad in Hanalei Bay. On top of all of that, we decided that my income would support our whole family and my husband decided not to go back to work after our daughter was born. That was scary! And uncomfortable but it had to be done if I wanted to live our dreams!


The list goes on… being asked to fly from Hawaii to Los Angeles with my two month old infant to speak on stage at my friend Christina Morassi’s event on wealth consciousness… that was scary and uncomfortable!

Christina Morassi's Event

As  you can see, it’s all been very uncomfortable indeed.

I risked it all.

I choose to trust myself.

I chose to leap.

I touched God.

I healed my little Amanda.

And when I set off on this journey, I had no idea that I even needed to heal myself. Ha!

What about you? If you’re not living your desires then it’s time to make a quantum leap. Along the way, you may just learn to fly!

Be courageous! Look yourself in the mirror and transform into the woman you are destined to become. Chisel away at the old YOU and emerge into your most radiant you.

Your most radiant youWill you take the leap?

Once you do, you can never go back. But the Universe knows you mean business this time and you can not fail.

There is no mistake in God/Love.

God (what I like to call Big Daddy and Mamasita God) have your back. Can you lean back and trust?

I pray you can because the world needs YOU.

You need you.

I’m going to be announcing something really special next week for you, so keep your heart open and your eyes on the prize (your desires) and if it’s for you, I’m asking you to take the LEAP.



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