You are a miracle and you are blessed to be alive now, here in this moment. Breathe deeply my friend, relax and lean into LIFE, feel yourself as being fully supported, provided for, nourished and loved in every moment of every day of your precious human life.

Are you the one? If you were given 90 days to LIVE what would you do, be, say and love?

I’m asking you to live consciously in this heart beat of a moment because everything can change in a heart BEAT. You were born with a passion in your soul. Are you living that passion now? Or are you weighing yourself down with toxic foods, thoughts, people and places?

I lived most of my earlier years hiding under food, stuffing my emotions, believing in limiting beliefs about what could be possible for me but then I WOKE up and realized that this whole life is an ILLUSION, a game.

We (YOU) are an extension of SOURCE energy and you came here to have it all, to enjoy it all and to live full out in every aspect of your life- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now we’re talking!

So, I’m calling in ONE more woman who’s ready to value herself as sacred and ready to claim her space in this life so she can ROCK her world. You know who YOU are and I’m ready to help you get to YOUR next level in body and life.

Act swiftly in full faith because the Ultimate Body, Ultimate You Immersion program begins Thursday, October 28th 2010!

I look forward to the possibility of being your beloved guide, coach, mentor and cheerleader in the upcoming months.

If you have any questions about the program or you’re not sure how you can make it work but REALLY want it then I’m here for you! Let’s get on the phone and talk it over. Email us and we’ll set up a time to talk.

In love and service,


P.S. Trust like a child again, live in faith and most importantly follow your heart.

“Amanda has helped me change a few decades of beliefs in six months. This journey with Amanda has been invaluable. She has given me the tools to continue making progress and feeling joy and peace in my life.  Amanda has helped me learn how to love and appreciate myself.  I have lost 20 pounds working with Amanda and I feel amazing!  My cravings and self criticism are gone. When I walk by a mirror I no longer see the flaws in my body I now smile and acknowledge the amazing person I am.  If I make the choice to eat something sweet or processed I no longer beat myself up over it.  Amanda has taught me how to bring balance and peace into my world. I am happy and confident that I will continue to be successful.  Thanks Amanda!”

Tara Alred, Salt Lake City, Utah

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