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Would you believe that some of the most successful woman entrepreneurs today were flying without a net —wondering if they’d crash and burn?

They were scared (just like you may be now.) But they did it anyway.

That’s what it took for them to soar….and for their businesses to POP to the next level.

There’s only ONE place to hear their inspiring (and funny…and OUTRAGEOUS!) stories of taking it to the edge and LEAPING.

Get your FREE virtual seat for the POP Your Biz in 2014 International Telesummit starting January 27th!


See, I know better than anybody that sitting in your comfort zone and wishing your biz would POP won’t make it so. You’ve got to pump up your faith and do something BOLD. You’ve got to act from your BIG  vision of your future, even if right now you’re feeling small and full of doubt.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do from these incredible women!

Plus you’ll get more than just motivation – they’ll be sharing practical actions you can take now to POP your biz in 2014.

(And did I mention – it’s FREE?!)


If you don’t…you’ll wish you did.

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P.S. Look, being an entrepreneur can be rough when you’re going it alone. But you’re NOT alone…because the women speaking have gone through everything you have (and more!) –took it to the EDGE — and came out the other side better, stronger, happier – and a LOT RICHER!! Don’t you want to be one of them?


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