If you’ve been feeling  overweight, tired, constipated, congested, run down or stuck in any place in your body or life then join me for my 21 day Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse happening in March.

During the cleanse you can expect to release 8-15 pounds all while eating an abundance of real, whole organic food from the earth. I’ll teach you how to tune into cravings and to get to the SOUL root of emotional eating. I’ll throw in a little deep breathing, guided ultimate body visualization, delicious recipes and laser coaching too.

The cleanse experience rocks. Read on below for Ashlee’s success story!

Here’s a sneak peak from my photo shoot in Los Angeles on Tuesday. It was a ground breaking experience for me to say the least! Here’s a video from the day which really captures the experience. I’ll be sharing more pics with you soon so stay tuned.

Until then, check out the cleanse page because I can help you look and feel radiantly healthy, energized and alive from the inside out in less than 21 days!

Talk to you soon.

With love,


P.S.  I want to give a big warm welcome and virtual hug to all of the new subscribers to the Breath of Fresh Air ezine and my community! I love hearing from you, so drop me a line and tell me about you!

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