By Amanda Moxley

Are you living your life with the brakes on?  Are you resisting your good by saying and thinking  things like:

I can’t
Not now
Maybe later
I will when…..
I can’t afford it
I don’t know how
I’m not worth it
I don’t deserve it

Tune in and honestly take an inventory of how much you are resisting life energy to flow through you.  This life energy is POWERFUL and must be yielded to otherwise you will have symptoms such as excess body fat, depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, disease, chronic pain, bitterness, anger, isolation, fear, lack, doubt and worry.

The truth is, it’s so much more FUN to say “YES” to LIFE.  It’s more fun to point your boat down stream and be carried by LIFE rather than paddling up stream exhausted and burnt out all of the time.

It starts with a sacred Yes which originates in your belly.  There is no logic to or reasoning with your sacred Yes.  It just lives within you and ONLY you are responsible for tuning in and trusting it and then acting on it with fearless faith.

Living a brakeless life with your hands in the air is the ONLY way you were meant to live – like a child again.

Start saying YES and watch life carry you. Your sacred YES is wild and fierce in faith.  It comes from your core and it must be obeyed.  STOP thinking and using your head to figure things out; instead go deep within and FEEL for your sacred Yes.  You’ll feel it through butterflies, warmth and excitement.

Call it intuition — this is where we are headed as a species. Out of logic and stinking thinking and into the POWERFUL and mighty HEART.  The heart is 5000 times more powerful than the brain.  Why aren’t you using it more often to manifest your desires?  This is humanity’s evolutionary BIG LEAPAnd it starts with you!

Here is an excerpt from my personal journal about this very subject:

“I am living in the flow.  All is well in my world.  I am blessed.  I am worshiping LOVE.  I gave up all F, D, L, W, S (fear, doubt, lack, worry and scarcity).  I am flowing in the “YES” vibration. I am living a brakeless life in the DIVINE.  I keep saying yes.  I keep showing up.  I am 100% positive, happy and grateful.  I am receiving my good now.

“I keep my frequency super high with every thought, word, action, reaction and belief.  God has been looking for itself and has found itself in ME.  In my hands, in my arms, in my words, in my song, in my heart, in my breath, in my mind.  God is me, and I am God.  The DIVINE is using me.  All of my needs and desires are taken care of by the universal substance of God force.  It is truth.  My faith is my biggest protector.

“I’m going to lay down and let it go. God’s got my back.”

My heart wanted me to share my private journal with you for you to feel and to catch a wiff of inspiration and truth energy.

We are living in magical times my friends.  It’s your time to start living a brakeless life of ease and FLOW and JOY.

It’s your turn to follow your sacred Yes.

I love YOU.

© 2011 Amanda Moxley


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